Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 1, Issue 1-4

1 -- 0Fazel Famili. Letter From the Editor
3 -- 23Fazel Famili, Wei-Min Shen, Richard Weber, Evangelos Simoudis. Data Preprocessing and Intelligent Data Analysis
25 -- 48Alberto Muñoz. Compound Key Word Generation from Document Databases Using A Hierarchical Clustering ART Model
49 -- 58Dan Rasmussen, Ronald R. Yager. Summary SQL - A Fuzzy Tool For Data Mining
59 -- 68Jutta Schiffers. A Classification Approach Incorporating Misclassification Costs
69 -- 0Fazel Famili. Letter From the Editor
71 -- 84Laurent Wendling, Jacky Desachy, Alain Paries. Pattern Recognition by Splitting Images Into Trees of Fuzzy Regions
85 -- 99Karlene A. Kosanovich, Michael J. Piovoso. PCA of Wavelet Transformed Process Data for Monitoring
101 -- 118Adnan Amin, Sameer Singh. Machine Recognition of Hand-Printed Chinese Characters
119 -- 127Olaf Wolkenhauer, John M. Edmunds. Possibilistic Testing of Distribution Functions for Change Detection
129 -- 130Fazel Famili. Letter From the Editor
131 -- 156Manoranjan Dash, Huan Liu. Feature Selection for Classification
157 -- 179Robert Susmaga. Analyzing Discretizations of Continuous Attributes Given a Monotonic Discrimination Function
181 -- 205Kai Ming Ting. Decision Combination Based on the Characterisation of Predictive Accuracy
207 -- 213David A. Maluf. Monotonicity of Entropy Computations in Belief Functions
215 -- 0. Erratum
217 -- 218Fazel Famili. Letter to the Editor
219 -- 244Zoltán Alexin, Tibor Gyimóthy, Henrik Boström. IMPUT: An Interactive Learning Tool Based on Program Specialization
245 -- 262Riccardo Bellazzi, Paolo Magni, Giuseppe De Nicolao. Dynamic Probabilistic Networks for Modelling and Identifying Dynamic Systems: a MCMC Approach
263 -- 274Olivier Bailleux, Jean-Jacques Chabrier. Counting by Statistics on Search Trees: Application to Constraint Satisfaction Problems
275 -- 292Luís Torgo, João Gama. Regression Using Classification Algorithms