Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 11, Issue 6

583 -- 605Mahamed G. Omran, Andries Petrus Engelbrecht, Ayed A. Salman. An overview of clustering methods
607 -- 625Paul R. Cohen, Niall M. Adams, Brent Heeringa. Voting experts: An unsupervised algorithm for segmenting sequences
627 -- 650Jürgen Beringer, Eyke Hüllermeier. Efficient instance-based learning on data streams
651 -- 662Tom Burr, Justin Doak. Distribution-free discriminant analysis
663 -- 689William Eberle, Lawrence B. Holder. Anomaly detection in data represented as graphs
691 -- 705Srinivasan Ramakrishnan, Srinivasan Selvan. Image texture classification using wavelet packet transform and probabilistic neural network
707 -- 730Sajib Barua, Reda Alhajj. High performance computing for spatial outliers detection using parallel wavelet transform

Volume 11, Issue 5

437 -- 455Michael Hahsler, Kurt Hornik. New probabilistic interest measures for association rules
457 -- 480Yoav Horman, Gal A. Kaminka. Removing biases in unsupervised learning of sequential patterns
481 -- 496K. G. Srinivasa, K. R. Venugopal, Lalit M. Patnaik. Selective dissemination of XML documents based on genetically learned user model and Support Vector Machines
497 -- 524Alexander K. Seewald. An evaluation of Naive Bayes variants in content-based learning for spam filtering
525 -- 545J. L. Flores, Iñaki Inza, Pedro Larrañaga. Wrapper discretization by means of estimation of distribution algorithms
547 -- 560Amitava Karmaker, Stephen Kwek. An iterative refinement approach for data cleaning
561 -- 580Stan Salvador, Philip Chan. Toward accurate dynamic time warping in linear time and space

Volume 11, Issue 4

319 -- 338Ting Su, Jennifer G. Dy. In search of deterministic methods for initializing K-means and Gaussian mixture clustering
339 -- 353Chandan Chakraborty, Debjani Chakraborty. Fuzzy rule base for consumer trustworthiness in Internet marketing: An interactive fuzzy rule classification approach
355 -- 376Mostafa Haghir Chehreghani, Masoud Rahgozar, Caro Lucas, Morteza Haghir Chehreghani. A heuristic algorithm for clustering rooted ordered trees
377 -- 400Jacek P. Kukluk, Lawrence B. Holder, Diane J. Cook. Inference of node replacement graph grammars
401 -- 419Shucheng Huang, Yisheng Dong. An active learning system for mining time-changing data streams
421 -- 434Kai Hu, Samuel H. Huang. Solving inverse problems using Particle Swarm Optimization: An application to aircraft fuel measurement considering sensor failure

Volume 11, Issue 3

225 -- 244Lev V. Utkin. Second-order uncertainty calculations by using the imprecise Dirichlet model
245 -- 263Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Jason Van Hulse, Chris Seiffert, Lili Zhao. The multiple imputation quantitative noise corrector
265 -- 278Jen-Peng Huang, Show-Ju Chen, Huang-Cheng Kuo. An efficient incremental mining algorithm-QSD
279 -- 292Shyue-Liang Wang, Kuan-Wei Huang, Tien-Chin Wang, Tzung-Pei Hong. Maintenance of informative ruler sets for predictions
293 -- 316Tadeusz Pietraszek. Classification of intrusion detection alerts using abstaining classifiers

Volume 11, Issue 2

111 -- 135Despina Kontos, Vasileios Megalooikonomou, Vasileios J. Sobel. A statistical approach for selecting discriminative features of spatial regions of interest
137 -- 154Marcus R. Keogh-Brown, Barbara Bogacka. WWW traffic measure and its properties
155 -- 173Jaime R. S. Fonseca, Margarida G. M. S. Cardoso. Mixture-model cluster analysis using information theoretical criteria
175 -- 188Simone Garatti, Sergio Bittanti, Diego Liberati, Andrea Maffezzoli. An unsupervised clustering approach for leukaemia classification based on DNA micro-arrays data
189 -- 202Samuel H. Huang, Ranganath Kothamasu, Niharika Rapur. Iterative imputation algorithms for process modeling with incomplete data
203 -- 222Suresh Kumar, José E. Guivant, Ben Upcroft, Hugh F. Durrant-Whyte. Sequential nonlinear manifold learning

Volume 11, Issue 1

3 -- 28Martin Scholz, Ralf Klinkenberg. Boosting classifiers for drifting concepts
29 -- 47Pierre-Alain Laur, Jean-Emile Symphor, Richard Nock, Pascal Poncelet. Statistical supports for mining sequential patterns and improving the incremental update process on data streams
49 -- 73Claudio Silvestri, Salvatore Orlando. Approximate mining of frequent patterns on streams
75 -- 87Xue Li, Jorge M. Barajas, Yi Ding. Collaborative filtering on streaming data with interest-drifting
89 -- 108Osnat Horovitz, Shonali Krishnaswamy, Mohamed Medhat Gaber. A fuzzy approach for interpretation of ubiquitous data stream clustering and its application in road safety