Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 12, Issue 6

529 -- 548Sandro Saitta, Benny Raphael, Ian F. C. Smith. A comprehensive validity index for clustering
549 -- 571Abdolreza Mirzaei, Mohammad Rahmati, Majid Ahmadi. A new method for hierarchical clustering combination
573 -- 586Faruq A. Al-Omari, Nabeel I. Al-Fayoumi, Mohammad Al-Jarrah. Image-mapped data clustering: An efficient technique for clustering large data sets
587 -- 606Maria Halkidi, Michalis Vazirgiannis. NPClu: An approach for clustering spatially extended objects
607 -- 619Seyyed Mostafa Fakhrahmad, M. H. Sadreddini, Mansoor Zolghadri Jahromi. AD-Miner: A new incremental method for discovery of minimal approximate dependencies using logical operations
621 -- 637Yun Sing Koh. Finding sporadic rules in the diagnosis of the Erythemato-Squamous diseases

Volume 12, Issue 5

443 -- 461Nikolay A. Kolchanov, Elena V. Ignatieva, Olga A. Podkolodnaya, Elena A. Ananko, Tamara M. Khlebodarova, Irina L. Stepanenko, Tatyana I. Merkulova, Vasily M. Merkulov, Nikolay L. Podkolodny, Aida G. Romashchenko. TRRD: Technology for extraction, storage, and use of knowledge about the structural-functional organization of the transcriptional regulatory regions in the eukaryotic genes
463 -- 479D. S. Miginsky, V. V. Suslov, V. S. Timonov, D. A. Rasskazov, Natalia Yu. Sournina, Nikolay L. Podkolodny. Approaches to the computer reconstruction of the biological networks
481 -- 494I. V. Khomicheva, Eugenii E. Vityaev, Elena A. Ananko, T. I. Shipilov, Victor G. Levitsky. ExpertDiscovery system application for the hierarchical analysis of eukaryotic transcription regulatory regions based on DNA codes of transcription
495 -- 512Eugenii E. Vityaev, K. A. Lapardin, I. V. Khomicheva, A. L. Proskura. Transcription factor binding site recognition by regularity matrices based on the natural classification method
513 -- 526Victor G. Levitsky, Elena V. Ignatieva, Eugenia Aman, Tatyana I. Merkulova, Nikolay A. Kolchanov, T. Charles Hodgman. Genetic algorithm and optimized weight matrix application for peroxisome proliferator response elements recognition: Prerequisites of accuracy growth for wide genome research

Volume 12, Issue 4

321 -- 338Wei Song, Bingru Yang, Zhangyan Xu. Index-CloseMiner: An improved algorithm for mining frequent closed itemset
339 -- 357Gholamhossein Deshmeh, M. Rahmati. Distributed anomaly detection, using cooperative learners and association rule analysis
359 -- 378J. Alami, Abdelhakim Ameur El Imrani. Dielectric composite multimodal optimization using a multipopulation cultural algorithm
379 -- 391Kasun Wickramaratna, Miroslav Kubat, Peter Minnett. Discovering numeric laws, a case study: CO_2 fugacity in the ocean
393 -- 407V. Esmaeili, Amin Assareh, M. B. Shamsollahi, Mohammad Hassan Moradi, N. M. Arefian. Estimating the depth of anesthesia using fuzzy soft computation applied to EEG features
409 -- 423Jukka Ollikainen, Martti Juhola. Comparing identification methods for DNA investigations of crimes and accidents
425 -- 440Craig Saunders, David R. Hardoon, John Shawe-Taylor, Gerhard Widmer. Using string kernels to identify famous performers from their playing style

Volume 12, Issue 3

251 -- 252João Gama, Jesús S. Aguilar-Ruiz, Ralf Klinkenberg. Knowledge discovery from data streams
253 -- 270Szymon Jaroszewicz, Lenka Ivantysynova, Tobias Scheffer. Schema matching on streams with accuracy guarantees
271 -- 291Viet Phuong Nguyen, Takashi Washio. Modeling dynamic substate chains among massive states
293 -- 304Toon Calders, Nele Dexters, Bart Goethals. Mining frequent items in a stream using flexible windows
305 -- 318José del Campo-Ávila, Gonzalo Ramos-Jiménez, João Gama, Rafael Morales Bueno. Improving the performance of an incremental algorithm driven by error margins

Volume 12, Issue 2

147 -- 163Keith Rennolls, Abdallah Al-Shawabkeh. Formal structures for data mining, knowledge discovery and communication in a knowledge management environment
165 -- 188Boris Kovalerchuk, Evgenii Vityaev. Symbolic methodology for numeric data mining
189 -- 210Eugenii E. Vityaev, Boris Kovalerchuk. Relational methodology for data mining and knowledge discovery
211 -- 236Michel Charest, Sylvain Delisle, Ofelia Cervantes, Yanfen Shen. Bridging the gap between data mining and decision support: A case-based reasoning and ontology approach
237 -- 249Mykola Pechenizkiy, Seppo Puuronen, Alexey Tsymbal. Towards more relevance-oriented data mining research

Volume 12, Issue 1

3 -- 23Ender Özcan, Burak Bilgin, Emin Erkan Korkmaz. A comprehensive analysis of hyper-heuristics
25 -- 49Jinlin Chen. Contiguous item sequential pattern mining using UpDown Tree
51 -- 71Ronen Feldman, Yizhar Regev, Maya Gorodetsky. A modular information extraction system
73 -- 87Yun-Huoy Choo, Azuraliza Abu Bakar, Abdul Razak Hamdan. The fitness-rough: A new attribute reduction method based on statistical and rough set theory
89 -- 101María Guadalupe Villarreal Marroquín, Matilde Luz Sánchez Peña, Carlos E. Castro, José M. Castro, Mauricio Cabrera-Ríos. Use of data envelopment analysis and clustering in multiple criteria optimization
103 -- 128Ismael E. Arciniegas Rueda, Fabio A. Arciniegas, Mark J. Embrechts. Analyzing currency crises real effects with partial least squares sensitivity analysis
129 -- 144Toly Chen, Yi-Chi Wang. A hybrid intelligent approach for output projection in a semiconductor fabrication plant