Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 18, Issue Supplement

0 -- 0Gonzalo Nápoles, Rafael Bello, Koen Vanhoof. How to improve the convergence on sigmoid Fuzzy Cognitive Maps?
0 -- 0João M. M. Duarte, Ana L. N. Fred, F. Jorge F. Duarte. Constraint acquisition methods for data clustering
0 -- 0Gabriel Martos, Alberto Muñoz, Javier González. Generalizing the Mahalanobis distance via density kernels
0 -- 0Octavio Loyola-González, Milton García-Borroto, José Francisco Martínez Trinidad, Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa. An empirical comparison among quality measures for pattern based classifiers
0 -- 0Henry Rosales-Méndez, Yunior Ramírez-Cruz. Addressing the validation of overlapping clustering algorithms
0 -- 0Jorge A. Vanegas, Fabio A. González. Image indexing using regularized online non-negative semantic embedding
0 -- 0. Special Issue of IDA devoted to CIARP 2013
0 -- 0Raudel Hernández-León, Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa, José Francisco Martínez Trinidad, José Hernández Palancar. Combining hybrid rule ordering strategies based on netconf and a novel satisfaction mechanism for CAR-based classifiers
0 -- 0Chunfeng Song, Yongzhen Huang, Feng Liu, Zhenyu Wang, Liang Wang. Deep auto-encoder based clustering

Volume 18, Issue 6

995 -- 996. Editorial
997 -- 1012David Picado-Muiño, Christian Borgelt. Frequent item set mining for sequential data: Synchrony in neuronal spike trains
1013 -- 1026Chun-Wei Lin, Tzung-Pei Hong, Wen-Yang Lin, Guo-Cheng Lan. Efficient updating of sequential patterns with transaction insertion
1027 -- 1047Heungmo Ryang, Unil Yun, Keun Ho Ryu. Discovering high utility itemsets with multiple minimum supports
1049 -- 1065Anis Suhailis Abdul Kadir, Azuraliza Abu Bakar, Abdul Razak Hamdan. Frequent positive and negative (FPN) itemset approach for outlier detection
1067 -- 1088Khoat Than, Tu Bao Ho. Modeling the diversity and log-normality of data
1089 -- 1108Peng Cao, Dazhe Zhao, Osmar R. Zaïane. Hybrid probabilistic sampling with random subspace for imbalanced data learning
1109 -- 1135Wanthanee Prachuabsupakij, Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj. Cluster-based sampling of multiclass imbalanced data
1137 -- 1151Ehsan Adeli Mosabbeb, Mahmood Fathy. Distributed matrix completion for large-scale multi-label classification
1153 -- 1175Nahid Taherian, Mohammad Ebrahim Shiri. Q^{*}-based state abstraction and knowledge discovery in reinforcement learning
1177 -- 1198Luciana O. Silva, Luis E. Zárate. A brief review of the main approaches for treatment of missing data
1199 -- 1227Stamatina Thomaidou, Kyriakos Liakopoulos, Michalis Vazirgiannis. Toward an integrated framework for automated development and optimization of online advertising campaigns
1235 -- 1238. Keyword Index Volume 18 (2014)

Volume 18, Issue 5

759 -- 760. Editorial
761 -- 791Albrecht Zimmermann. Understanding episode mining techniques: Benchmarking on diverse, realistic, artificial data
793 -- 817Saeed Reza Aghabozorgi, Ying Wah Teh. Clustering of large time series datasets
819 -- 836Jordi Balasch-Masoliver, Victor Muntés-Mulero, Jordi Nin. Using genetic algorithms for attribute grouping in multivariate microaggregation
837 -- 855Alessia Visconti, Francesca Cordero, Ruggero G. Pensa. Leveraging additional knowledge to support coherent bicluster discovery in gene expression data
857 -- 872Deniz Akdemir, Jean-Luc Jannink. Ensemble learning with trees and rules: Supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised
873 -- 887Darko Pevec, Igor Kononenko. Input dependent prediction intervals for supervised regression
889 -- 910Takuro Kutsuna, Akihiro Yamamoto. A parameter-free approach for one-class classification using binary decision diagrams
911 -- 926Alfonso E. Romero, Luis M. de Campos. A probabilistic methodology for multilabel classification
927 -- 951Amin Allahyar, Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi. Online discriminative component analysis feature extraction from stream data with domain knowledge
953 -- 972Hamed Movahedian, Mohammad-Reza Khayyambashi. A tag-based recommender system using rule-based collaborative profile enrichment
973 -- 991Pedro Henriques Abreu, Daniel Castro Silva, João Portela, João Mendes-Moreira, Luís Paulo Reis. Using model-based collaborative filtering techniques to recommend the expected best strategy to defeat a simulated soccer opponent
993 -- 0. Erratum

Volume 18, Issue 4

529 -- 530. Editorial
531 -- 546Natalia Novoselova. An algorithm to estimate the stability of the individual clusters in the hierarchical context
547 -- 559S. M. Vahidipour, A. Mirzaei, M. Rahmati. Comparing weighted combination of hierarchical clustering based on Cophenetic measure
561 -- 581Yeming Hu, Evangelos E. Milios, James Blustein. Interactive document clustering with feature supervision through reweighting
583 -- 608Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi Dishabi, Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi. Differential privacy preserving clustering based on Haar wavelet transform
609 -- 636Sandipan Dey, Vandana Pursnani Janeja, Aryya Gangopadhyay. Discovery of temporal neighborhoods through discretization methods
637 -- 651Arthur A. Shaw, N. P. Gopalan. Finding longest frequent trajectory of dynamic objects using association approaches
653 -- 676Ying-Ho Liu. Mining maximal frequent patterns from univariate uncertain data
677 -- 695Jelena Graovac. A variant of n-gram based language- independent text categorization
697 -- 715Lei Zhao, Musa A. Mammadov, John Yearwood. A new loss function for robust classification
717 -- 738Peerapon Vateekul, Miroslav Kubat, Kanoksri Sarinnapakorn. Hierarchical multi-label classification with SVMs: A case study in gene function prediction
739 -- 758Huey Fang Ong, Norwati Mustapha, Md Nasir Sulaiman. An integrative gene selection with association analysis for microarray data classification

Volume 18, Issue 3

317 -- 318. Editorial
319 -- 336Karim Pichara, Alvaro Soto. Local feature selection using Gaussian process regression
337 -- 364Lei Du, Qinbao Song, Xiaolin Jia. Detecting concept drift: An information entropy based method using an adaptive sliding window
365 -- 388Arnau Padrol, Victor Muntés-Mulero. Graph anonymization via metric embed-dings: Using classical anonymization for graphs
389 -- 408Hosein Alizadeh, Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli, Hamid Parvin. Cluster ensemble selection based on a new cluster stability measure
409 -- 428Sarra Ben Hariz, Zied Elouedi. New dynamic clustering approaches within belief function framework
429 -- 447Junhai Zhai, Meng-Yao Zhai, Xiao-Meng Kang. Condensed fuzzy nearest neighbor methods based on fuzzy rough set technique
449 -- 464Xueying Zhang, Qinbao Song. Predicting the number of nearest neighbors for the k-NN classification algorithm
465 -- 477Isaac Nickaein, Mohammad Rahmati, Nazanin Hamzei. Support vector regression for rate prediction in distributed video coding
479 -- 494Scott H. Burton, Richard G. Morris, Christophe G. Giraud-Carrier, Joshua H. West, Rosemary Thackeray. Mining useful association rules from questionnaire data
495 -- 510Guopeng Li, Zhisong Pan, Bo Xiao, Liwei Huang. Community discovery and importance analysis in social network
511 -- 528Zahra Rahaie, Hamid Beigy. Expertness framework in multi-agent systems and its application in credit assignment problem

Volume 18, Issue 2

115 -- 116. Editorial
117 -- 136Keke Chen. Optimizing star-coordinate visualization models for effective interactive cluster exploration on big data
137 -- 156Rajhans Mishra, Pradeep Kumar, Bharat Bhasker. An alternative approach for clustering web user sessions considering sequential information
157 -- 179Abdenebi Rouigueb, Salim Chitroub, Ahmed Bouridane. Density estimation of high dimensional data using ICA and Bayesian networks
181 -- 201Rosane Maria Maffei Vallim, Jose Augusto Andrade Filho, Rodrigo Fernandes de Mello, André Carlos Ponce Leon Ferreira de Carvalho, João Gama. Unsupervised density-based behavior change detection in data streams
203 -- 216Hualong Yu, Jun Ni, Sen Xu, Bin Qin, Hengrong Jv. Estimating harmfulness of class imbalance by scatter matrix based class separability measure
217 -- 241Nichnan Kittiphattanabawon, Thanaruk Theeramunkong, Ekawit Nantajeewarawat. Region-based association measures for ranking mined news relations
243 -- 260Yun Sing Koh, Russel Pears. Efficient negative association rule mining based on chance thresholds
261 -- 279Jun Won Lee, Christophe G. Giraud-Carrier. On the dangers of default implementations: The case of radial basis function networks
281 -- 303Khalid Iqbal, Xu-Cheng Yin, Hong-Wei Hao, Qazi Mudassar Ilyas, Xuwang Yin. A central tendency-based privacy preserving model for sensitive XML association rules using Bayesian networks
305 -- 316Jorge Morales, Jesus A. Gonzalez, Carlos A. Reyes García, Leopoldo Altamirano Robles. Transition regions detection from satellite images based on evolutionary region growing segmentation

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 2. Special Issue on Business Analytics and Intelligent Optimization
3 -- 24Thomas Verbraken, Wouter Verbeke, Bart Baesens. Profit optimizing customer churn prediction with Bayesian network classifiers
25 -- 42Philip Wilcox, Timothy M. Horton, Eunseog Youn, Myong K. Jeong, Derrick Tate, Timothy Herrman, Christian Nansen. Evolutionary refinement approaches for band selection of hyperspectral images with applications to automatic monitoring of animal feed quality
43 -- 61Pablo E. Román, Robert F. Dell, Juan D. Velásquez, Pablo S. Loyola. Identifying user sessions from web server logs with integer programming
63 -- 77Milos Jovanovic, Boris Delibasic, Milija Vukicevic, Milija Suknovic, Milan Martic. Evolutionary approach for automated component-based decision tree algorithm design
79 -- 94Pakize Taylan, Fatma Yerlikaya-Özkurt, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber. An approach to the mean shift outlier model by Tikhonov regularization and conic programming
95 -- 112Sebastián Maldonado, Claudio Montecinos. Robust classification of imbalanced data using one-class and two-class SVM-based multiclassifiers
113 -- 0. Erratum