Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 19, Issue s1

0 -- 0Fábio Pinto, Carlos Soares, Pavel Brazdil. Combining regression models and metaheuristics to optimize space allocation in the retail industry
0 -- 0Siti Sakira Kamaruddin, Azuraliza Abu Bakar, Abdul Razak Hamdan, Fauzias Mat Nor, Mohd Zakree Ahmad Nazri, Zulaiha Ali Othman, Ghassan Saleh Hussein. A text mining system for deviation detection in financial documents
0 -- 0Diego Avanzini, Alejandro Jara. The use of data reduction techniques to assess systemic risk: An application to the Chilean banking system
0 -- 0Alex Seret, Andreea Bejinaru, Bart Baesens. Domain knowledge based segmentation of online banking customers
0 -- 0Mimi Chong, Cristián Bravo, Matt Davison. How much effort should be spent to detect fraudulent applications when engaged in classifier-based lending?
0 -- 0Sebastián Maldonado. Churn prediction via support vector classification: An empirical comparison
0 -- 0Julio López, Sebastián Maldonado. Robust feature selection for multiclass Support Vector Machines using second-order cone programming
0 -- 0Joe Staines, David Barber. Topic factor models: Uncovering thematic structure in equity market data
0 -- 0Ralf Stecking, Klaus B. Schebesch. Classification of credit scoring data with privacy constraints
0 -- 0Pawan Lingras, Farhana Haider. Partially ordered rough ensemble clustering for multigranular representations
0 -- 0. Editorial

Volume 19, Issue 6

1195 -- 1197. Editorial
1199 -- 1212Dengchao He, Hongjun Zhang, Wenning Hao, Rui Zhang. A robust parzen window mutual information estimator for feature selection with label noise
1213 -- 1232Harry Strange, Reyer Zwiggelaar. Piecewise-linear manifold learning: A heuristic approach to non-linear dimensionality reduction
1233 -- 1257Mahdi Mohammadi, Bijan Raahemi, Ahmad Akbari. A geometric density-based sample reduction method
1259 -- 1273Sebastián Maldonado, Julio López. An embedded feature selection approach for support vector classification via second-order cone programming
1275 -- 1296Maria José Amorim, Margarida G. M. S. Cardoso. Comparing clustering solutions: The use of adjusted paired indices
1297 -- 1310Andrés Eduardo Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, José Francisco Martínez Trinidad, Milton García-Borroto, Jesás Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa. Mining patterns for clustering using unsupervised decision trees
1311 -- 1321Mansooreh Mirzaie, Ahmad Barani, Naser Nematbakkhsh, Majid Beigi. OverDBC: A new density-based clustering method with the ability of detecting overlapped clusters from gene expression data
1323 -- 1353Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi Dishabi, Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi. Differential privacy preserving clustering in distributed datasets using Haar wavelet transform
1355 -- 1375Tuve Löfström, Henrik Boström, Henrik Linusson, Ulf Johansson. Bias reduction through conditional conformal prediction
1377 -- 1389Wedad Hussein, Tarek F. Gharib, Rasha M. Ismail, Mostafa G. M. Mostafa. An efficient framework based on usage and semantic data for next page prediction
1391 -- 1408Pedro F. B. Silva, Jaime S. Cardoso. Differential scorecards for binary and ordinal data
1409 -- 1432Chong Su, Shenggen Ju, Yiguang Liu, Zhonghua Yu. Improving Random Forest and Rotation Forest for highly imbalanced datasets
1433 -- 1440. Author Index Volume 19 (2015)

Volume 19, Issue 5

949 -- 951. Editorial
953 -- 981Daniel Gordon, Danny Hendler, Lior Rokach. Fast and space-efficient shapelets-based time-series classification
983 -- 1002Jidong Yuan, Zhihai Wang, Meng Han, Yange Sun. A lazy associative classifier for time series
1003 -- 1018Hossein Amirkhani, Mohammad Rahmati. Expectation maximization based ordering aggregation for improving the K2 structure learning algorithm
1019 -- 1034Gert Loterman, Christophe Mues. Learning algorithm selection for comprehensible regression analysis using datasetoids
1035 -- 1048Chong Su, Shenggen Ju, Yiguang Liu, Zhonghua Yu. Improving PART algorithm with K-L divergence for imbalanced classification
1049 -- 1070Dang Cong Tran, Zhijian Wu, Changshou Deng. An improved approach of particle swarm optimization and application in data clustering
1071 -- 1089Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Tzung-Pei Hong, Wensheng Gan, Hsin-Yi Chen, Sheng-Tun Li. Incrementally updating the discovered sequential patterns based on pre-large concept
1091 -- 1108A. M. Katrutsa, M. P. Kuznetsov, K. V. Rudakov, V. V. Strijov. Metric concentration search procedure using reduced matrix of pairwise distances
1109 -- 1130Oscar Martinez, Ranga Dabarera, Kamal Premaratne, Miroslav Kubat. LDA-based probabilistic graphical model for excitation-emission matrices
1131 -- 1149Yajun Du, Xiuxia Tian, Wenjun Liu, Min Wang, Wen Song, Yongquan Fan, Xiaoming Wang. A novel page ranking algorithm based on triadic closure and hyperlink-induced topic search
1151 -- 1170Masoud Makrehchi. Evaluating feature ranking methods in text classifiers
1171 -- 1192Guanting Tang, Jian Pei, James Bailey, Guozhu Dong. Mining multidimensional contextual outliers from categorical relational data
1193 -- 0. Erratum

Volume 19, Issue 4

699 -- 700. Editorial
701 -- 712Xijiong Xie, Shiliang Sun. Multi-view twin support vector machines
713 -- 725Seokho Kang, Sungzoon Cho. A novel multi-class classification algorithm based on one-class support vector machine
727 -- 741Chunjiang Fu, Yupu Yang. Low density separation as a stopping criterion for active learning SVM
743 -- 760Shu-Xia Lu, Xizhao Wang, Guiqiang Zhang, Xu Zhou. Effective algorithms of the Moore-Penrose inverse matrices for extreme learning machine
761 -- 778Pattaraporn Warintarawej, Marianne Huchard, Mathieu Lafourcade, Anne Laurent, Pierre Pompidor. Software understanding: Automatic classification of software identifiers
779 -- 794Weimei Zhi, Huaping Guo, Ming Fan, Yangdong Ye. Instance-based ensemble pruning for imbalanced learning
795 -- 823Djoko Budiyanto Setyohadi, Azuraliza Abu Bakar, Zulaiha Ali Othman. Optimization overlap clustering based on the hybrid rough discernibility concept and rough K-Means
825 -- 844Hedayatollah Dallaki, Kimia Bazargan Lari, Ali Hamzeh, Sattar Hashemi, Ashkan Sami. Scaling up the hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for nominal data-sets
845 -- 877Mustansar Ali Ghazanfar. Experimenting switching hybrid recommender systems
879 -- 895Young-Min Kim, Sung Kwon Han, Tae-Yoon Kim, Kyong Joo Oh, Zhiming Luo, Chiho Kim. Intelligent stock market instability index: Application to the Korean stock market
897 -- 916Hossein Rahmani, Hendrik Blockeel, Andreas Bender. Using a Human Disease Network for augmenting prior knowledge about diseases
917 -- 947Sajid Yousuf Bhat, Muhammad Abulaish. OCMiner: A density-based overlapping community detection method for social networks

Volume 19, Issue 3

469 -- 470. Editorial
471 -- 484Bing Zhu, Changzheng He, Xiaoyi Jiang. A consistency-based validation for data clustering
485 -- 503Hosein Alizadeh, Muhammad Yousefnezhad, Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli. Wisdom of Crowds cluster ensemble
505 -- 527Xi Zhao, Yong Shi, Lingfeng Niu. Kernel based simple regularized multiple criteria linear program for binary classification and regression
529 -- 546Dah-Chin Luor. A comparative assessment of data standardization on support vector machine for classification problems
547 -- 561Chang-Hwan Lee. A multi-phase approach for classifying multi-dimensional sequence data
563 -- 580Kamran Kamaei, Hakan Altinçay. Editing the nearest feature line classifier
581 -- 595Nuno C. Castro, Paulo J. Azevedo. Automatically estimating iSAX parameters
597 -- 616Hadi Fanaee-T, João Gama. EigenEvent: An algorithm for event detection from complex data streams in syndromic surveillance
617 -- 629Mohammadreza Valizadeh, Pavel Brazdil. Density-based graph model summarization: Attaining better performance and efficiency
631 -- 658Frédéric Ros, Rachid Harba, Marco Pintore, Serge Guillaume. A fast and flexible instance selection algorithm adapted to non-trivial database sizes
659 -- 682Yu Peng, Yong Xu, Datong Liu, Jun-Bao Li. Locality structure preserving based feature selection for prognostics
683 -- 697Hyun Woo Byun, Seungho Baek, Jae Joon Ahn, Kyong Joo Oh, Tae-Yoon Kim. Using a principal component analysis for multi-currencies-trading in the foreign exchange market

Volume 19, Issue 2

209 -- 210. Editorial
211 -- 232Monireh Abdoos, Nasser Mozayani, Ana L. C. Bazzan. Towards reinforcement learning for holonic multi-agent systems
233 -- 257Khalid M. Salama, Alex Alves Freitas. Ant colony algorithms for constructing Bayesian multi-net classifiers
259 -- 278Catarina Dudas, Amos H. C. Ng, Henrik Boström. Post-analysis of multi-objective optimization solutions using decision trees
279 -- 292Xue-Min Tan, Min-You Chen, John Q. Gan. A co-training algorithm based on modified Fisher's linear discriminant analysis
293 -- 313Paula Brito, A. Pedro Duarte Silva, José G. Dias. Probabilistic clustering of interval data
315 -- 343Jie Wang. Constrained matrix factorization for financial data clustering
345 -- 358Chun-Jiang Fu, Yu-Pu Yang. A batch-mode active learning SVM method based on semi-supervised clustering
359 -- 390Souad Bouasker, Tarek Hamrouni, Sadok Ben Yahia. Efficient mining of new concise representations of rare correlated patterns\m{1}
391 -- 412Juan J. Flores, Félix Calderón, Anastacio Antolino, Juan M. Garcia. Network anomaly detection by continuous hidden markov models: An evolutionary programming approach
413 -- 429Guo-Cheng Lan, Tzung-Pei Hong, Hong-Yu Lee, Chun-Wei Lin. Tightening upper bounds for mining weighted frequent itemsets
431 -- 448Hassan Saneifar, Stéphane Bonniol, Pascal Poncelet, Mathieu Roche. Recognition of logical units in log files
449 -- 468Elham Ghanbari, Hamid Beigy. Incremental RotBoost algorithm: An application for spam filtering

Volume 19, Issue 1

1 -- 2. Editorial
3 -- 27Lydia Bouzar-Benlabiod, Salem Benferhat, Thouraya Bouabana-Tebibel. Instantiated First Order Qualitative Choice Logic for an efficient handling of alerts correlation
29 -- 41Valentina Colla, Marco Vannucci, Leonardo Maria Reyneri. Artificial neural networks applied for estimating a probability density function
43 -- 55Chun-Wei Lin, Guo-Cheng Lan, Tzung-Pei Hong. Mining high utility itemsets for transaction deletion in a dynamic database
57 -- 74William Eberle, Lawrence B. Holder. Scalable anomaly detection in graphs
75 -- 88Mahmoud Mejdoub, Najib Ben Aoun, Chokri Ben Amar. Bag of frequent subgraphs approach for image classification
89 -- 108Matija Polajnar, Janez Demsar. Small network completion using frequent subnetworks
109 -- 126Hamed Movahedian, Mohammad-Reza Khayyambashi. A semantic recommender system based on frequent tag pattern
127 -- 144Ning Chen, Bernardete Ribeiro, An Chen. Comparative study of classifier ensembles for cost-sensitive credit risk assessment
145 -- 160Jiaqiang Wan, Qingsheng Zhu, Dajiang Lei, Jiaxi Lu. Outlier detection based on transitive closure
161 -- 185Marian-Andrei Rizoiu, Julien Velcin, Stéphane Lallich. Semantic-enriched visual vocabulary construction in a weakly supervised context
187 -- 208Kamyab Tahernezhad, Kimia Bazargan Lari, Ali Hamzeh, Sattar Hashemi. HC-MOEA: A hierarchical clustering approach for increasing the solution's diversity in multiobjective evolutionary algorithms