Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 6, Issue 6

481 -- 0Fazel Famili. Editorial
483 -- 502Jochen Garcke, Michael Griebel. Classification with sparse grids using simplicial basis functions
503 -- 516Steve Counsell, Xiaohui Liu, Janet McFall, Stephen Swift, Allan Tucker. Evolutionary algorithms for grouping high dimensional Email data
517 -- 530Jonathan Moody, Ricardo Bezerra de Andrade e Silva, Joseph Vanderwaart, Joseph Ramsey, Clark Glymour. Classification and filtering of spectra: A case study in mineralogy
531 -- 556YongSeog Kim, W. Nick Street, Filippo Menczer. Evolutionary model selection in unsupervised learning
557 -- 566Estevam R. Hruschka Jr., Nelson F. F. Ebecken. Missing values prediction with K2

Volume 6, Issue 5

397 -- 0Fazel Famili. Editorial
399 -- 410Ching-Yao Wang, Tzung-Pei Hong, Shian-Shyong Tseng. Maintenance of discovered sequential patterns for record deletion
411 -- 427Markku Siermala, Martti Juhola. Behaviour of protein secondary structure types in the sequence space of a certain length
429 -- 449Nathalie Japkowicz, Shaju Stephen. The class imbalance problem: A systematic study
451 -- 468Shashi Shekhar, Chang-Tien Lu, Pusheng Zhang. Detecting graph-based spatial outliers
469 -- 480Ashish Gupta, Ajay Mathur. Adaptive delivery of E-commerce web sites

Volume 6, Issue 4

309 -- 0Fazel Famili. Editorial
311 -- 322Jorma Laurikkala. Instance-based data reduction for improved identification of difficult small classes
323 -- 339Rolly Intan, Masao Mukaidono. Generalization of Rough sets and its applications in information system
341 -- 357Baptiste Jeudy, Jean-François Boulicaut. Optimization of association rule mining queries
359 -- 377Dimuthu Prasanna Makawita, Kian-Lee Tan, Huan Liu. Sampling from databases using B^+-Trees
379 -- 395Alina Beygelzimer, Chang-Shing Perng, Sheng Ma. Fast ordering of large categorical datasets for visualization

Volume 6, Issue 3

209 -- 0. Guest-editorial
211 -- 219Corinna Cortes, Daryl Pregibon, Chris Volinsky. Communities of interest
221 -- 235Fernando Berzal Galiano, Ignacio Blanco, Daniel Sánchez, María Amparo Vila Miranda. Measuring the accuracy and interest of association rules: A new framework
237 -- 255Frank Höppner, Frank Klawonn. Finding informative rules in interval sequences
257 -- 265Achim Lewandowski, Peter Protzel. Predicting time-varying functions with local models
267 -- 279Paul Kellam, Xiaohui Liu, Nigel J. Martin, Christine A. Orengo, Stephen Swift, Allan Tucker. A framework for modelling virus gene expression data
281 -- 308Cen Li, Gautam Biswas, Mike B. Dale, Pat Dale. Matryoshka: A HMM based temporal data clustering methodology for modeling system dynamics

Volume 6, Issue 2

105 -- 0Fazel Famili. Editorial
107 -- 128Rabha Allaoui, Abderrahmane Sbihi. Convexity dependant hyperbolic filtering scheme for mode detection in pattern classification
129 -- 147Mark Last. Online classification of nonstationary data streams
149 -- 174Huma Lodhi, Grigoris J. Karakoulas, John Shawe-Taylor. Boosting strategy for classification
175 -- 185Kyong Joo Oh, Kyoung-jae Kim. Piecewise nonlinear model for financial time series forecasting with artificial neural networks
187 -- 207Salim Chitroub, Amrane Houacine, Boualem Sansal. A new PCA-based method for data compression and enhancement of multi-frequency polarimetric SAR imagery

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 0Fazel Famili. Editorial
3 -- 15Zheng Rong Yang, Robert G. Harrison. Analysing company performance using templates
17 -- 51Wieslaw Szczesny. Grade correspondence analysis applied to contingency tables and questionnaire data
53 -- 65María-Dolores Cubiles-de-la-Vega, Rafael Pino-Mejías, Antonio Pascual-Acosta, Joaquín Muñoz-García. Building neural network forecasting models from time series ARIMA models: A procedure and a comparative analysis
67 -- 83Lijuan Cao, Qingming Gu. Dynamic support vector machines for non-stationary time series forecasting
85 -- 104Markus Anderle, Douglas R. Hundley, Michael J. Kirby. The Bilipschitz criterion for dimension reduction mapping design