Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 8, Issue 6

519 -- 542Li Shen, James Ford, Fillia Makedon, Andrew J. Saykin. A surface-based approach for classification of 3D neuroanatomic structures
543 -- 561Hsu-Chih Wu, Chuen-Tsai Sun, Sih-Shin Lee. Visualization of evolutionary computation processes from a population perspective
563 -- 577Hyunju Noh, Minjung Kwak, Ingoo Han. Improving the prediction performance of customer behavior through multiple imputation
579 -- 600Simone Garatti, Sergio M. Savaresi, Sergio Bittanti, Luca La Brocca. On the relationships between user profiles and navigation sessions in virtual communities: A data-mining approach
601 -- 613Michiel C. van Wezel, Walter A. Kosters. Nonmetric multidimensional scaling: Neural networks versus traditional techniques
615 -- 628Niall Rooney, David W. Patterson, Mykola Galushka. A comprehensive review of recursive Naïve Bayes Classifiers

Volume 8, Issue 5

437 -- 438Michael R. Berthold, Elizabeth Bradley, Rudolf Kruse. Guest Editorial: Advances in intelligent data analysis
439 -- 455Peter Geibel, Ulf Brefeld, Fritz Wysotzki. Perceptron and SVM learning with generalized cost models
457 -- 468Tony Lindgren, Henrik Boström. Resolving rule conflicts with double induction
469 -- 480Allan Tucker, Xiaohui Liu. A Bayesian network approach to explaining time series with changing structure
481 -- 493Tobias Scheffer. Email answering assistance by semi-supervised text classification
495 -- 504Heiko Hofer, Christian Borgelt, Michael R. Berthold. Large scale mining of molecular fragments with wildcards
505 -- 515V. Robins, Jennifer Abernethy, N. Rooney, Elizabeth Bradley. Topology and intelligent data analysis

Volume 8, Issue 4

325 -- 344Yongguo Liu, Xiaofeng Liao, Xue Ming Li, Zhongfu Wu. A Tabu Clustering algorithm for Intrusion Detection
345 -- 362Sergio M. Savaresi, Daniel Boley. A comparative analysis on the bisecting K-means and the PDDP clustering algorithms
363 -- 384Zoran Stejic, Yasufumi Takama, Kaoru Hirota. Modified hierarchical genetic algorithm for relevance feedback in image retrieval
385 -- 401Wen Xian Yang. An improved genetic algorithm adopting immigration operator
403 -- 415Maheshkumar Sabhnani, Gürsel Serpen. Why machine learning algorithms fail in misuse detection on KDD intrusion detection data set
417 -- 436Ming-Cheng Tseng, Wen-Yang Lin. Maintenance of generalized association rules with multiple minimum supports

Volume 8, Issue 3

211 -- 212Miroslav Kubat, Joao Gama, Paul E. Utgoff. Incremental learning and concept drift: Editor s introduction
213 -- 237Floriana Esposito, Stefano Ferilli, Nicola Fanizzi, Teresa Maria Altomare Basile, Nicola Di Mauro. Incremental learning and concept drift in INTHELEX
239 -- 265Tetsuya Yoshida, Takuya Wada, Hiroshi Motoda, Takashi Washio. Adaptive Ripple Down Rules method based on minimum description length principle
267 -- 280Mondher Maddouri. Towards a machine learning approach based on incremental concept formation
281 -- 300Ralf Klinkenberg. Learning drifting concepts: Example selection vs. example weighting
301 -- 322Anthony Robins. Sequential learning in neural networks: A review and a discussion of pseudorehearsal based methods

Volume 8, Issue 2

111 -- 130Stergios Papadimitriou, Constantinos Terzidis. Growing kernel-based self-organized maps trained with supervised bias
131 -- 149Elias Pampalk, Gerhard Widmer, Alvin T. S. Chan. A new approach to hierarchical clustering and structuring of data with Self-Organizing Maps
151 -- 170Lili Liu, Andrew K. C. Wong, Yang Wang. A global optimal algorithm for class-dependent discretization of continuous data
171 -- 182Krishnamoorthy Srikumar, Bharat Bhasker. Efficiently mining Maximal Frequent Sets in dense databases for discovering association rules
183 -- 196Ha H. Nguyen, Christine W. Chan, Malcolm Wilson. Prediction of oil well production: A multiple-neural-network approach
197 -- 209Ashwani Kumar, D. P. Agrawal, S. D. Joshi. Multiscale rough set data analysis with application to stock performance modeling

Volume 8, Issue 1

3 -- 27Kunhuang Huarng, Hui-Kuang Yu. A dynamic approach to adjusting lengths of intervals in fuzzy time series forecasting
29 -- 59Mihai Lazarescu, Svetha Venkatesh, Hung Hai Bui. Using multiple windows to track concept drift
61 -- 78Brent D. Morring, Tony R. Martinez. Weighted Instance Typicality Search (WITS): A nearest neighbor data reduction algorithm
79 -- 95Tianming Hu, Sam Yuan Sung. A trimmed mean approach to finding spatial outliers
97 -- 107Peter Meinicke, Thomas Hermann, Holger Bekel, H. M. Müller, S. Weiss, Helge Ritter. Identification of discriminative features in the EEG