Journal: IJCINI

Volume 1, Issue 4

1 -- 13Yingxu Wang. On the Cognitive Processes of Human Perception with Emotions, Motivations, and Attitudes
14 -- 25Du Zhang. A Fix-Point Semantics for Rule-Base Anomalies
26 -- 46Witold Kinsner. A Unified Approach To Fractal Dimensions
47 -- 60Natalia López, Manuel Núñez, Fernando L. Pelayo. A Formal Specification of the Memorization Process
61 -- 74Qingyong Li, Zhiping Shi, Zhongzhi Shi. A Selective Sparse Coding Model with Embedded Attention Mechanism
75 -- 86Yingxu Wang. The Cognitive Processes of Formal Inferences
87 -- 97Yan Zhao, Yiyu Yao. Interactive Classification Using a Granule Network

Volume 1, Issue 3

1 -- 16Yingxu Wang. Toward Theoretical Foundations of Autonomic Computing
17 -- 35Mehdi Najjar, André Mayers. AURELLIO: A Cognitive Computational Knowledge Representation Theory
36 -- 51Christine W. Chan. Development of an Ontology for an Industrial Domain
52 -- 65Ismael Rodríguez, Manuel Núñez, Fernando Rubio. Cognitive Processes by Using Finite State Machines
66 -- 77Yingxu Wang. The OAR Model of Neural Informatics for Internal Knowledge Representation in the Brain
78 -- 101Václav Rajlich, Shaochun Xu. Constructivist Learning During Software Development

Volume 1, Issue 2

1 -- 15Yingxu Wang. On Laws of Work Organization in Human Cooperation
16 -- 33Amar Ramdane-Cherif. Toward Autonomic Computing: Adaptive Neural Network for Trajectory Planning
34 -- 57Witold Kinsner. Is Entropy Suitable to Characterize Data and Signals for Cognitive Informatics?
58 -- 72Lee Flax. Cognitive Modelling Applied to Aspects of Schizophrenia and Autonomic Computing
73 -- 85Yingxu Wang, Günther Ruhe. The Cognitive Process of Decision Making
86 -- 99Tiansi Dong. Knowledge Representation for Distances and Orientations of Regions

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 27Yingxu Wang. The Theoretical Framework of Cognitive Informatics
28 -- 38Witold Kinsner. Towards Cognitive Machines: Multiscale Measures and Analysis
39 -- 52Douglas Griffith, Frank L. Greitzer. Neo-Symbiosis: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Information Interaction
53 -- 65Michael R. W. Dawson, Patricia M. Boechler. Representing an Intrinsically Nonmetric Space of Compass Directions in an Artificial Neural Network
66 -- 78Ray E. Jennings. Language, Logic, and the Brain