Journal: IJCINI

Volume 12, Issue 4

1 -- 19Rodolfo A. Fiorini. The Emerging Computational Biolinguistic Framework
20 -- 54Wen-Ran Zhang. A Logical Path From Neural Ensemble Formation to Cognition With Mind-Light-Matter Unification: The Eternal Dao Can Be Told (Survey)
55 -- 68Yanchao Liu, Limei Yan, Jianjun Xu. Application of Neural Network With New Hybrid Algorithm in Volcanic Rocks Seismic Prediction
69 -- 80Gai Zhaomei, Liu Rentao, Jiang Qiuxiang. A New Model of Projection Pursuit Grade Evaluation Model Based on Simulated Annealing Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
81 -- 100Sergio Castellanos, Luis-Felipe Rodríguez. A Flexible Scheme to Model the Cognitive Influence on Emotions in Autonomous Agents
101 -- 114Lixiao Feng, Guorong Chen, Jun Peng. An Ontology-Based Cognitive Model for Faults Diagnosis of Hazardous Chemical Storage Devices

Volume 12, Issue 3

1 -- 17GuiMing Luo, Boxu Zhao, Mengqi Jiang. Improved State Space Model Using Iterative PSO for Unsteady Aerodynamic System at High AOA
18 -- 39Amit Kumar, T. V. Vijay Kumar. Materialized View Selection Using Set Based Particle Swarm Optimization
40 -- 54Shangzhu Jin, Jun Peng, Dong Xie. A New MapReduce Approach with Dynamic Fuzzy Inference for Big Data Classification Problems
55 -- 68Yue Wang, Hong Liu, Bo Peng. Research on Opening and Closing Synchronization of Flexible Hatch on Space Shuttle

Volume 12, Issue 2

1 -- 16Vitaliy L. Rayz, David Saloner, Julia M. Rayz, Victor Raskin. Cognitive Imaging: Using Knowledge Representation for Segmentation of MRA Data
17 -- 31Mallampalli Kapardi, Kavitha Anandan. Functional Connectivity Assessment for Episodic Memory by Decoding Theta Wave
32 -- 47Wei Wang, Pu Yunming, Wang Li. A Parallel Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm for Recursive Neural Network in a Robot Control System
48 -- 61Yu-Ru Zhang, Weiwei Yang, Hui Li, XiaoDong Su. Research on Landing Risk Assessment for Carrier-Based Aircrafts by M-V Multiattribute Decision-Making
62 -- 76Yong-bin Yuan, Sheng Lan, Xu Yu, Miao Yu. Algorithm of Fuzzy Support Vector Machine based on a Piecewise Linear Fuzzy Weight Method
77 -- 93Hongtao Huang, Cunliang Liang, Haizhi Ye. A Semantic Information Content Based Method for Evaluating FCA Concept Similarity

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 13Yingxu Wang, Newton Howard, Janusz Kacprzyk, Ophir Frieder, Phillip Sheu, Rodolfo A. Fiorini, Marina L. Gavrilova, Shushma Patel, Jun Peng, Bernard Widrow. Cognitive Informatics: Towards Cognitive Machine Learning and Autonomous Knowledge Manipulation
14 -- 28Yunzhe Wang, George Baciu, Chenhui Li. Cognitive Visualization of Popular Regions Discovered From Geo-Tagged Social Media Data
29 -- 41Hironori Hiraishi, Fumio Mizoguchi. Cognitive Route Search Technique for Self-Driving Vehicles
42 -- 59Hong-Bo Wang, Ke-Na Tian, Xue-Na Ren, Xu-Yan Tu. Research and Application of Adaptive Step Mechanism for Glowworm Swarm Optimization Algorithm
60 -- 74Jun Peng, Yudeng Qiao, Dedong Tang, Lan Ge, Qinfeng Xia, Tingting Chen. The Least Squares SVM for the Prediction of Production in the Field of Oil and Gas
75 -- 91Carla Verônica M. Marques, Carlo Emmanoel Tolla de Oliveira, Cibele Ribeiro. C. Oliveira. The Cognitive Machine as Mental Language Automata