Journal: IJCINI

Volume 14, Issue 4

1 -- 29Susmita Panda, Pradipta Kumar Nanda. MRF Model-Based Estimation of Camera Parameters and Detection of Underwater Moving Objects
30 -- 41Meera Dash, Trilochan Panigrahi, Renu Sharma, Mihir Narayan Mohanty. Adaptive Parameter Estimation of IIR System-Based WSN Using Multihop Diffusion in Distributed Approach
42 -- 61Gourav Bathla, Himanshu Aggarwal, Rinkle Rani. Scalable Recommendation Using Large Scale Graph Partitioning With Pregel and Giraph
62 -- 81Nassima Dif, Zakaria Elberrichi. Efficient Regularization Framework for Histopathological Image Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
82 -- 100Mohsine Elkhayati, Youssfi Elkettani, Mohammed Mourchid. A Multi-Agent Approach to Segment Arabic Handwritten Text Lines
101 -- 112Mohamed Fakir, Hatimi Hicham, Mohamed Chabi, Muhammad Sarfraz 0001. Classification of Eyes Based on Fuzzy Logic

Volume 14, Issue 3

1 -- 19Ammar Alnahhas, Bassel Alkhatib. Augmented Context-Based Conceptual User Modeling for Personalized Recommendation System in Online Social Networks
20 -- 40Wei Li, Furong Tian, Ke Li. Fitness Distance Correlation Strategy for Solving the RGV Dynamic Scheduling Problem
41 -- 59Mohamed-Nazih Omri. Fuzzy Ontology-Based Querying User' Requests Under Uncertain Environment
60 -- 96Srikanth M. V., V. V. K. D. V. Prasad, K. Satya Prasad. An Improved Firefly Algorithm-Based 2-D Image Thresholding for Brain Image Fusion
97 -- 117Yinglian Zhou. DNA Epidemic Model Construction and Dynamics Optimization
118 -- 132Wei Ding, Heng Liu, Tao Wu. Optimizing for High Resolution ADC Model With Combined Architecture

Volume 14, Issue 2

1 -- 15Ying Huang, Liyun Zhong, Yan Chen. Filtering Infrequent Behavior in Business Process Discovery by Using the Minimum Expectation
16 -- 34Gaurav Aggarwal, Latika Singh. Comparisons of Speech Parameterisation Techniques for Classification of Intellectual Disability Using Machine Learning
35 -- 60Mudasir Mohd, Rafiya Jan, Nida Hakak. Enhanced Bootstrapping Algorithm for Automatic Annotation of Tweets
61 -- 76Adil Gursel Karacor, Turan Erman Erkan. Exploiting Visual Features in Financial Time Series Prediction
77 -- 91Debesh Mishra, Suchismita Satapathy. MCDM Approach for Mitigation of Flooding Risks in Odisha (India) Based on Information Retrieval
92 -- 107Sowmya B. J., S. Krishna Chaitanya, S. Seema, K. G. Srinivasa 0001. Data Analytic Techniques for Developing Decision Support System on Agrometeorological Parameters for Farmers
108 -- 118Srinidhi Hiriyannaiah, G. M. Siddesh, K. G. Srinivasa 0001. Predictive Analytical Model for Microblogging Data Using Asset Bubble Modelling

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 16Alae Chouiekh, El Hassane Ibn El Haj. Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Customer Churn Prediction Analysis
17 -- 34Maryam Ghanbari, Witold Kinsner. Detecting DDoS Attacks Using Polyscale Analysis and Deep Learning
35 -- 50Adnen Mahmoud, Mounir Zrigui. Distributional Semantic Model Based on Convolutional Neural Network for Arabic Textual Similarity
51 -- 62Jun Ye 0001. Generalized Ordered Weighted Simplified Neutrosophic Cosine Similarity Measure for Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making
63 -- 74Wang Ke Feng, Sheng Xiao Chun. Moving Target Detection and Tracking Based on Improved FCM Algorithm