Journal: IJCINI

Volume 7, Issue 4

1 -- 25Vlad Chiriacescu, Leen-Kiat Soh, Duane F. Shell. Understanding Human Learning Using a Multi-agent Simulation of the Unified Learning Model
26 -- 43Jia Wang, Rui Li. An Empirical Study on Pertinent Aspects of Sketch Maps for Navigation
44 -- 63Taisuke Akimoto, Jun Endo, Takashi Ogata. The Expansion of Paths in the Mutual Transformation Mechanism of Music and Narrative
64 -- 82Leonid Perlovsky, Gary Kuvich. Machine Learning and Cognitive Algorithms for Engineering Applications
83 -- 95Chen Gui, Jun Peng, Zuojin Li. Oriented Planetary Exploration Robotic Vision Binocular Camera Calibration

Volume 7, Issue 3

1 -- 24Yingxu Wang, Gabriele Fariello, Marina L. Gavrilova, Witold Kinsner, Fumio Mizoguchi, Shushma Patel, Dilip Patel, Fernando L. Pelayo, Victor Raskin, Duane F. Shell, Shusaku Tsumoto. Perspectives on Cognitive Computers and Knowledge Processors
25 -- 45Julia M. Taylor, Victor Raskin. Towards the Cognitive Informatics of Natural Language: The Case of Computational Humor
46 -- 57Orhan Firat, Mete Özay, Itir Önal, Ilke Öztekin, Fatos T. Yarman-Vural. Enhancing Local Linear Models Using Functional Connectivity for Brain State Decoding
58 -- 79Ken Ferens, Darcy Cook, Witold Kinsner. Chaotic Walk in Simulated Annealing Search Space for Task Allocation in a Multiprocessing System
80 -- 94Padma Polash Paul, Marina L. Gavrilova. Cancelable Fusion of Face and Ear for Secure Multi-Biometric Template

Volume 7, Issue 2

1 -- 12Zheng Xu, Zhiguo Yan, Yunhuai Liu, Lin Mei. Measuring the Semantic Relatedness Between Images Using Social Tags
13 -- 29Radek Burget, Pavel Smrz. Extracting Visually Presented Element Relationships from Web Documents
30 -- 48Patrick Chan, Yoshinori Hijikata, Toshiya Kuramochi, Shogo Nishida. Semantic Relatedness Estimation using the Layout Information of Wikipedia Articles
49 -- 64Xiao Wei, Xiangfeng Luo, Qing Li. Improving the Compression Efficiency for News Web Service Using Semantic Relations Among Webpages
65 -- 79Junsheng Zhang, Yingfan Gao, Yanqing He, Hongjiao Xu, Chongde Shi, Peng Qu. Semantically Linking Information Resources for Web-Based Sharing
80 -- 96Lixiao Zhang, Jun Zhang. Measurement of Textual Complexity Based on Categorical Invariance

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 31Andreas Peldszus, Manfred Stede. From Argument Diagrams to Argumentation Mining in Texts: A Survey
32 -- 57Witold Kinsner, Dario Schor, Reza Fazel-Darbandi, Brendan Cade, Kane Anderson, Cody Friesen, Scott McKay, Diane Kotelko, Philip Ferguson. The T-Sat1 Nanosatellite Design and Implementation Through a Team of Teams
58 -- 74Shintaro Imai, Mariko Miyamoto, Mingrui Cai, Yoshikazu Arai, Toshimitsu Inomata. A Data Processing Method for Human Motion Estimation to Reduce Network and Sensor Node Loads
75 -- 97Gustavo Torres, Karina Jaime, Félix Ramos. Brain Architecture for Visual Object Identification
98 -- 122Yingxu Wang. Neuroinformatics Models of Human Memory: Mapping the Cognitive Functions of Memory onto Neurophysiological Structures of the Brain