Journal: IJCINI

Volume 9, Issue 4

1 -- 20Mario Antoine Aoun, Mounir Boukadoum. Chaotic Liquid State Machine
21 -- 32Akira Yoshizawa, Hirotoshi Iwasaki. Influence of Nonvisual Secondary Tasks on Driver's Pedestrian Detection
33 -- 48Sandhya Chengaiyan, Kavitha Anandhan. Analysis of Speech Imagery using Functional and Effective EEG based Brain Connectivity Parameters
49 -- 64Wei Zhang 0005, Yang Wang, Jingxin Zhu, Dongning Liu, Shaohua Teng, Haibin Zhu. A Role-Permission Assignment Method of RBAC Involved Conflicting Constraints under E-CARGO
65 -- 87Hadj Ahmed Bouarara, Reda Mohamed Hamou, Amine Rahmani, Abdelmalek Amine. Boosting Algorithm and Meta-Heuristic Based on Genetic Algorithms for Textual Plagiarism Detection

Volume 9, Issue 3

1 -- 24Duane F. Shell, Leen-Kiat Soh, Vlad Chiriacescu. Modeling Self-Efficacy as a Dynamic Cognitive Process with the Computational-Unified Learning Model (C-ULM): Implications for Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing
25 -- 41Yixin Zhong. Information Conversion with Intelligence Creation: The Law that Governs the Information Discipline
42 -- 64Yingxu Wang. On the Mathematical Theories and Cognitive Foundations of Information
65 -- 86Mohamed Amine Boudia, Reda Mohamed Hamou, Abdelmalek Amine, Mohamed Elhadi Rahmani, Amine Rahmani. Hybridization of Social Spiders and Extractions Techniques for Automatic Text Summaries
87 -- 104Shunxiang Zhang, Guangli Zhu, Haiyan Chen, Dayu Yang. Mining Conflict Semantic from Drug Dataset for Detecting Drug Conflict

Volume 9, Issue 2

1 -- 23Xiao Wei, Chenglei Qin, Zheng Xu. Building the Multidimensional Semantic Index of Webpages for Facet Extraction
24 -- 36Lixin Fan. Using the Similarity Measure between Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets for the Application on Pattern Recognitions
37 -- 54Yingxu Wang. Cognitive Learning Methodologies for Brain-Inspired Cognitive Robotics
55 -- 72Li Li, Xiangfeng Luo, Haiyan Chen. Clustering Students for Group-Based Learning in Foreign Language Learning
73 -- 83Kefeng Wang, Feiyue Ye. Improved Encryption Algorithm of Images Based on Three-Dimensional Chaos

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 15Xiangqiang Lou, Quanhua Hou. The Research on Aggregate Analysis of the Regulatory Detailed Planning by considering the Traffic Capacity
16 -- 29Feng Xie, Zheng Xu. Semantic Based Annotation for Surveillance Big Data Using Domain Knowledge
30 -- 46Hehua Fan, Yongwei Zhou. Pricing and Inventory Strategy of Dual-channel Supply Chain under Random Demand and Retailer's Capital Constraint
47 -- 59Ying Wang, Xin Jiang. Analysis for the Teaching-Method Reformation of Degree Students Based on PBL Theory
60 -- 73Shaohua Cheng, Yongwei Zhou. The Evaluation and Optimization to the Higher Educational Resource Allocation