Journal: Int. J. Cooperative Inf. Syst.

Volume 15, Issue 4

481 -- 483Markus Aleksy, Patrick Hung, Zoran Milosevic. Guest Editors Introduction
485 -- 505Hugo M. Ferreira, Diogo R. Ferreira. An Integrated Life Cycle for Workflow Management Based on Learning and Planning
507 -- 534Saïd Izza, Lucien Vincent, Patrick Burlat. Dealing with Semantic Application Integration within Large and Dynamic Enterprises
535 -- 564Arnor Solberg, Devon M. Simmonds, Raghu Reddy, Robert B. France, Sudipto Ghosh, Jan Øyvind Aagedal. Developing Distributed Services Using an Aspect Oriented Model Driven Framework
565 -- 597Nick Cook, Paul Robinson, Santosh K. Shrivastava. Design and Implementation of Web Services Middleware to Support Fair Non-Repudiable Interactions
599 -- 632João Paulo A. Almeida, Remco M. Dijkman, Luís Ferreira Pires, Dick A. C. Quartel, Marten van Sinderen. Model-Driven Design, Refinement and Transformation of Abstract Interactions
633 -- 658Iman Poernomo, Heinz W. Schmidt, Jane Jayaputera. Verification and Prediction of Timed Probabilistic Properties over the Dmtf CIM
659 -- 685Guido Governatori, Zoran Milosevic. A Formal Analysis of a Business Contract Language

Volume 15, Issue 3

289 -- 292Vincenzo D Andrea, Marco Aiello. Guest Editors Introduction
293 -- 324Keita Fujii, Tatsuya Suda. Semantics-Based Dynamic Web Service Composition
325 -- 358George Spanoudakis, Khaled Mahbub. Non-Intrusive Monitoring of Service-Based Systems
359 -- 389Marco Aiello, Alexander Lazovik. Monitoring Assertion-Based Business Processes
391 -- 413Asit Dan, Kavitha Ranganathan, Catalin Dumitrescu, Matei Ripeanu. A Layered Framework for Connecting Client Objectives and Resource Capabilities
415 -- 438Ricardo Ferraz Tomaz, Mehdi Ben Hmida, Valérie Monfort. Concrete Solutions for Web Services Adaptability Using Policies and Aspects
439 -- 459Thomas Sandholm, Peter Gardfjäll, Erik Elmroth, Olle Mulmo, S. Lennart Johnsson. A Service-Oriented Approach to Enforce Grid Resource Allocations
461 -- 479Siwoo Byun, Moonhaeng Huh, Hoyoung Hwang. Flash Memory Lock Management for Portable Information Systems

Volume 15, Issue 2

155 -- 156Hugo Fuks, Stephan Lukosch. Foreword
157 -- 178Gerry Stahl. Analyzing and Designing the Group Cognition Experience
179 -- 204Bjørn Erik Munkvold, Kristin Eim, Øyvind S. Husby. A Case Study of Information Systems Decision-making: Process Characteristics and Collaboration Technology Support
205 -- 228Gert-Jan de Vreede, Pushpa G. Koneri, Douglas L. Dean, Ann L. Fruhling, Peter Wolcott. A Collaborative Software Code Inspection: the Design and Evaluation of a Repeatable Collaboration Process in the Field
229 -- 258Nuno M. Preguiça, José Legatheaux Martins, Henrique João L. Domingos, Sérgio Duarte. Supporting Multi-synchronous Groupware: Data Management Problems and a Solution
259 -- 288Till Schümmer, Stephan Lukosch, Robert Slagter. Using Patterns to Empower End-users - the Oregon Software Development Process for Groupware

Volume 15, Issue 1

1 -- 22Guofei Jiang, George Cybenko, James A. Hendler. Semantic Interoperability and Information Fluidity
23 -- 56Jorge Cardoso. Poseidon: a Framework to Assist Web Process Design Based on Business Cases
57 -- 86Ivo José Garcia dos Santos, Edmundo Roberto Mauro Madeira. Applying Orchestration and Choreography of Web Services on Dynamic Virtual Marketplaces
87 -- 118Paul W. P. J. Grefen, Jochem Vonk. A Taxonomy of Transactional Workflow Support
119 -- 154Ioannis Partsakoulakis, George A. Vouros. Agent-enhanced Collaborative Activity in Organized Settings