Journal: Int. J. Cooperative Inf. Syst.

Volume 19, Issue 3-4

121 -- 157Shazib E. Shaikh, Nikolay Mehandjiev. General Strategy Support in Soft E-Business Process Negotiation
159 -- 203Chen Li, Manfred Reichert, Andreas Wombacher. The Minadept Clustering Approach for Discovering Reference Process Models Out of Process Variants
205 -- 238Victoria Beltran, Josep Paradells. Strategies for Reducing Inter-Domain Presence Traffic: an Analytical Study

Volume 19, Issue 1-2

1 -- 30Gregory van Seghbroeck, Bruno Volckaert, Filip De Turck, Bart Dhoedt, Piet Demeester. Web Service Choreography Conformance Verification through the PIX-Model
31 -- 69Marko Vujasinovic, Edward Barkmeyer, Nenad Ivezic, Zoran Marjanovic. Interoperable Supply-Chain Applications: Message Metamodel-Based Semantic Reconciliation of B2B Messages
71 -- 120Jörg M. Haake, Tim Hussein, Björn Joop, Stephan Lukosch, Dirk Veiel, Jürgen Ziegler. Modeling and Exploiting Context for Adaptive Collaboration