Journal: Int. J. Cooperative Inf. Syst.

Volume 29, Issue 4

0 -- 0Sojung Lucia Kim, Seonyoung Shim. Governance Mechanism and Structural Power Fit: Evidence from an Information System Development Project
0 -- 0Martin Macak, Mouzhi Ge, Barbora Buhnova. A Cross-Domain Comparative Study of Big Data Architectures
0 -- 0Manuel Gall, Stefanie Rinderle-Ma. Assessing Process Attribute Visualization and Interaction Approaches Based on a Controlled Experiment

Volume 29, Issue 3

0 -- 0Rafaela Mazalu, Alejandra Cechich. Web Accessibility Assessment Through Multi-Agent Support for Visually Impaired Users
0 -- 0Liping Gao, Kun Dai, Chao Lu. Research on Optimized Online Allocation of Scope Spatial Crowdsourcing Tasks
0 -- 0Djalila Boughareb, Abdennour Khobizi, Rima Boughareb, Nadir Farah, Hamid Seridi. A Graph-Based Tag Recommendation for Just Abstracted Scientific Articles Tagging
0 -- 0Jacques Simonin, Pierre Yves Pillain, Didier Guériot, Johanne Vincent. Information System Services Generation of Business Services Specification and Based on a System-of-Services Logical Architecture Pattern
0 -- 0Mohsen Mohseni, Mohammad Karim Sohrabi. MVPP-Based Materialized View Selection in Data Warehouses Using Simulated Annealing

Volume 29, Issue 01n02

0 -- 0Dongning Liu, Qian Jiang, Haibin Zhu, Baoying Huang. Distributing UAVs as Wireless Repeaters in Disaster Relief via Group Role Assignment
0 -- 0Zhiqiang Xie, Lirong Pei, Qing Jia, Xu Yu. A Process Migration Oriented Multi-Shop Integrated Scheduling Algorithm for Double Objectives
0 -- 0Yiqi Wu, Fazhi He, Yueting Yang. A Grid-Based Secure Product Data Exchange for Cloud-Based Collaborative Design
0 -- 0Sultan Alyahya, Manar Alsayyari. Towards Better Crowdsourced Software Testing Process
0 -- 0Yichuan Jiang, Tun Lu, Donghui Lin, Yifeng Zeng, Ting Zhu. Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Collaborative Computing and Crowd Intelligence
0 -- 0Swanand J. Deodhar. Interplay between Constraints and Rewards in Innovation Tournaments: Implications for Participation
0 -- 0Qiang Lu, Jing Huang, Yifan Ge, Dajiu Wen, Bin Chen, Ye Yu. EgoVis: A Visual Analysis System for Social Networks Based on Egocentric Research
0 -- 0Yanfei Li, Fan Deng. A Graph and Clustering-Based Framework for Efficient XACML Policy Evaluation
0 -- 0Hongbo Wang, Yulu Feng. Traffic Sign Identification Using a Partially Cooperative Strategy in a Convolutional Neural Network
0 -- 0Liguo Duan, Jianying Gao, Aiping Li. A Multi-Attention Matching Model for Multiple-Choice Reading Comprehension
0 -- 0Liping Gao, Tao Jin, Chao Lu. A Long-Term Quality Perception Incentive Strategy for Crowdsourcing Environments with Budget Constraints
0 -- 0Zhiqiang Xie, Dan Yang, Mingrui Ma, Xu Yu. An Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for the Flexible Integrated Scheduling Problem Using Networked Devices Collaboration