Journal: Int. J. Cooperative Inf. Syst.

Volume 6, Issue 3-4

217 -- 218Wolfgang Klas, Munindar P. Singh. Selected Papers from COOPIS-97 - Guest Editors Introduction
219 -- 240Mark W. W. Vermeer, Peter M. G. Apers. Modifying Queries on Complex Objects in Database Federations
241 -- 268Anisoara Nica, Elke A. Rundensteiner. Loosely-Specified Query Processing in Large-Scale Information Systems
269 -- 292Manos Theodorakis, Panos Constantopoulos. Context-Based Naming in Information Bases
293 -- 314Israel Ben-Shaul, Avron Cohen, Ophir Holder, Boris Lavva. HADAS: A Network-Centric Framework for Interoperability Programming
315 -- 340Mikael Berndtsson, Sharma Chakravarthy, Brian Lings. Extending Database Support for Coordination Among Agents
341 -- 368Justus Klingemann, Thomas Tesch, Jürgen Wäsch. Cooperative Data Management and Its Application to Mobile Computing
367 -- 392Patrick C. K. Hung, Kamalakar Karlapalem. A Logical Framework for Security Enforcement in CAPBASED-AMS

Volume 6, Issue 2

95 -- 149Parke Godfrey. Minimization in Cooperative Response to Failing Database Queries
151 -- 192John Cardiff, Tiziana Catarci, Giuseppe Santucci. Semantic Query Processing in the Venus Environment
193 -- 216L. A. Lau, Carson C. Woo. Is It Possible and Useful to Support Commitment Reasoning?

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 2Michael N. Huhns, Munindar P. Singh. Formal Methods in CIS: Multiagent Systems - Guest Editors Introduction
3 -- 26Wolfgang Balzer, Raimo Tuomela. The Structure and Verification of Plan-Based Joint Intentions
27 -- 36Bertrand Mazure, Lakhdar Sais, Éric Grégoire. An Efficient Technique to Ensure the Logical Consistency of Interacting Knowledge Bases
37 -- 66Michael Fisher, Michael Wooldridge. On the Formal Specification and Verification of Multi-Agent Systems
67 -- 94Frances M. T. Brazier, Barbara Dunin-Keplicz, Nicholas R. Jennings, Jan Treur. DESIRE: Modelling Multi-Agent Systems in a Compositional Formal Framework