Journal: IJEH

Volume 11, Issue 4

289 -- 306Nabi Yessimov, Nailya Izmailova, Dauletkhan Yessimov. Integration of primary healthcare and public health
307 -- 330M. Duraisamy, S. P. Balamurugan. Multiple share creation scheme with optimal key generation for secure medical image transmission in the internet of things environment
331 -- 347Jirí Mertl, David M. Tolar. Measuring body temperature wirelessly: acceptance in a hospital environment and possible surveillance implications
348 -- 363Pranathy Enamela, Gayle L. Prybutok, Jerry L. Dake, Victor R. Prybutok. A case study on the influence of fitness trackers on older adults' health and fitness activities
364 -- 377Daprim Samuel Ogaji, Chinelo Ezinwanne Anyanwu. Implementing electronic healthcare record in a public health facility in Nigeria: awareness, acceptance and concerns among critical stakeholders
378 -- 398Eva Ardielli. Implementation of eHealth applications by primary care physicians in the European Union member states

Volume 11, Issue 3

187 -- 207Rajesh R. Pai, Sreejith Alathur. A review of mobile health applications and its use phases
208 -- 238Jamil Razmak, Charles H. Bélanger, Ghaleb A. El Refae, Wejdan Farhan. Electronic medical records: taking young generations of patients and physicians through innovative technology and change management
239 -- 255Sotarat Thammaboosadee, Karoon Yuttanawa. A multi-stage predictive model for smoking cessation: success and choices of medication approaches
256 -- 270Adwitiya Mukhopadhyay, R. Vinayaka. A smart-contract-based blockchain for a healthcare IoT network
271 -- 287Gopireddy Murali Mohan Reddy, Srinivas Gunda, Prasad Kompalli, Priyanka Gollapalli, Anjana Sevagamoorthy. Virtual doctor consultation, potential to revolutionise healthcare access in resource poor settings: opportunities and challenges

Volume 11, Issue 2

101 -- 122Richard C. Chellah, Douglas Kunda. An assessment of factors that affect the implementation of big data analytics in the Zambian health sector for strategic planning and predictive analysis: a case of Copperbelt province
123 -- 135Märten Veskmäe. Finding opportunities to induce growth of medication history usage: evidence from Estonian population level panel data
136 -- 156Ali H. Al-Badi, Asharul Islam Khan. Determining the constituents for the advancement of healthcare wearable technologies in Oman
157 -- 169Sheng Zhang, Xiangdong An 0001, Hai Wang. A causal model for type 2 diabetes and its comparison with other modelling methods
170 -- 186Evelyn Halima Musa, Abdulhameed Kayode Agboola. Perception of social media use in disseminating health-related academic information in public health schools in Minna, Nigeria

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 24Ali-Asghar Safaei, Sayyed Saeid Safaei. Requirement specification of an ontology-based semantic recommender system for medical prescriptions and drug interaction detection
25 -- 44Neetu Singh, Upkar Varshney. Reminders for medication adherence: a review and research agenda
45 -- 66Shalini Bhartiya, Deepti Mehrotra. Ranking the access control models for secured sharing of EHR using fuzzy TOPSIS technique
67 -- 80Talita Zahin Choudhury, Mohammad Kamruzzaman, Laila N. Islam. Investigation of the cellular and soluble markers of inflammation for the assessment of cardiovascular risk in patients with acute coronary syndrome in Bangladesh
81 -- 100LeAnn Boyce, Gayle Prybutok. An analysis of a closed COPD online health community: identifying information needs and credibility of sources