Journal: IJEH

Volume 6, Issue 2/3/4

95 -- 116Anargyros Chryssanthou, Iraklis Varlamis, Charikleia Latsiou. A risk management model for securing virtual healthcare communities
138 -- 152Miria Grisot, Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou. Challenges in institutionalising electronic platforms for patient-healthcare provider communication
153 -- 173Johanna Viitanen, Marko Nieminen, Hannele Hyppönen, Tinja Lääveri. Finnish physicians' experiences with computer-supported patient information exchange and communication in clinical work
174 -- 191Alan D. Smith. Operational effectiveness and quality assurance mechanisms with stochastic demand of blood supply: blood bank case study
192 -- 212June Wei, Michael J. Graham, Lai C. Liu. Electronic business in the home medical equipment industry
213 -- 228Chang-tseh Hsieh, Binshan Lin. Information technology for competitive advantage: the case of learning and innovation in behavioural healthcare service

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 33Alan D. Smith, Amber A. Smith. Gender perceptions of smoking and cessation via technology, incentives and virtual communities
34 -- 46Kevin A. Clauson, Fadi M. Alkhateeb, Karen D. Lugo, Nile M. Khanfar. E-prescribing: attitudes and perceptions of community pharmacists in Puerto Rico
47 -- 61George P. Sillup, Ronald K. Klimberg. Health plan auditing: 100-percent-of-claims vs. random-sample audits
62 -- 75Juha Puustjärvi, Leena Puustjärvi. Personal Health Ontology: towards the interoperation of e-health tools
76 -- 93Sharie Falan, Bernard T. Han. Moving towards efficient, safe, and meaningful healthcare: issues for automation