Journal: IJEH

Volume 9, Issue 4

227 -- 254Adebayo Omotosho, Justice Emuoyibofarhe, Christoph Meinel. Ensuring patients' privacy in a cryptographic-based-electronic health records using bio-cryptography
255 -- 274Mohammad I. Merhi, Sheel Patel, Kevin Nguyen. Development of medication errors reporting system: an object-oriented approach
275 -- 293Christopher Bain, Jarrel Seah, Bismi Jomon. Clinician value from big data: creating a path forwards
294 -- 318Ahmad Samed Al Adwan. Case study and grounded theory: a happy marriage? An exemplary application from healthcare informatics adoption research
319 -- 338Gayle Prybutok, Ahasan Harun, Victor Prybutok. eHealth marketing to millennials: a view through a systemigram

Volume 9, Issue 2/3

100 -- 128Bahae Samhan, Kshiti D. Joshi. Understanding electronic health records resistance: a revealed causal mapping approach
129 -- 156Danish H. Saifee, Indranil R. Bardhan. Healthcare outcomes, information technology, and Medicare reimbursements: a hospital-level analyses
157 -- 185Majid Dadgar, Kshiti D. Joshi. Value-sensitive review and analysis of technology-enabled self-management systems: a conceptual investigation
186 -- 209David L. Paul. Telemedicine: as the technology has matured, how have the technology management challenges changed?
210 -- 225Ramgopal Kashyap, Vivek Tiwari. Energy-based active contour method for image segmentation

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 18Minhao Dai, Steven M. Giles, Nancy Grant Harrington. Investigating the influences of person centredness and source qualifications on patient-provider communication through EMR systems
19 -- 41Karim Zarour. Proposed technical architectural framework supporting heterogeneous applications in a hospital
42 -- 59Anmin Wang, Shiheng Guan, Kai S. Koong, Luke Y. Koong. An M/M/1 and M/M/2 queuing solution to improve virtual scheduling in healthcare
60 -- 88Mahdi Ghasemi, Daniel Amyot. Process mining in healthcare: a systematised literature review