Journal: IJEIS

Volume 1, Issue 4

1 -- 19Alexander Y. Yap. Retrofitting Information Processes and Content Standardization in Response to Enterprise-Wide System Planning and Development: Organizational and Socio-Technical Influences as Determining Factors
20 -- 38Zhimin Huang, Shuqin Cai. Developing Medium and Small Technological Enterprises in China: Informatization Issues and Counter-Measures
39 -- 55Omar E. M. Khalil, Tawfik Mady. IT Adoption and Industry Type: Some Evidence from Kuwaiti Manufacturing Companies
56 -- 69Suresh Chalasani, Dirk Baldwin. Software Architectures for an Extensible Web-Based Survey System
70 -- 89Nijaz Bajgoric. Continuous Computing Technologies for Improving Performances of Enterprise Information Systems

Volume 1, Issue 3

1 -- 16Jacques Verville, Christine Bernadas, Alannah Halingten. A Three-Dimensional Approach in Evaluating ERP Software Within the Acquisition Process
17 -- 34S. C. Lenny Koh, A. Gunasekara, Samed M. Saad, S. Arunachalam. Uncertainty in ERP-Controlled Manufacturing Systems
35 -- 55Chuck C. H. Law, Eric W. T. Ngai. IT Business Value Research: A Critical Review and Research Agenda
56 -- 68Dothang Truong. Methodologies for Evaluating Investment in Electronic Data Interchange
69 -- 95Kim Man Lui, Keith C. C. Chan. Capability Maturity Model and SAP: Toward a Universal ERP Implementation Model

Volume 1, Issue 2

1 -- 16Sue Newell, Jay G. Cooprider, Gary C. David, Linda F. Edelman, Traci A. Logan. Analyzing Different Strategies to Enterprise System Adoption: Reengineering-Led vs. Quick-Deployment
17 -- 36Alan D. Smith, Allen R. Lias. Identity Theft and E-Fraud as Critical CRM Concerns
37 -- 55Nigel J. Lockett, David H. Brown. An SME Perspective of Vertical Application Service Providers
56 -- 68Farooq M. Sheikh, M. Ruhul Amin, Nafeez Amin. Channel Prices of a Homogenous Product in a Dual-Channel Monopoly
69 -- 90Frank Lefley, Joseph Sarkis. Applying the FAP Model to the Evaluation of Strategic Information Technology Projects

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 22Delvin Grant, Qiang Tu. Levels of Enterprise Integration: Study Using Case Analysis
23 -- 38Girish H. Subramanian, Christopher S. Hoffer. An Exploratory Case Study of Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation
39 -- 52Charles Moller. Unleashing the Potential of SCM: Adoption of ERP in Large Danish Enterprises
53 -- 64C. Richard Baker. Enterprise Information Systems and B2B E-Commerce: The Significance of XML
65 -- 88Shan L. Pan. Customer Perspective of CRM Systems: A Focus Group Study