Journal: IJEIS

Volume 11, Issue 4

1 -- 27Mounes Asadi, Hamed Fazlollahtabar, Babak Shirazi. An Enterprise Management Decision Making System based on Possibility Theory
28 -- 62Alexander A. Hernandez, Sherwin E. Ona. A Qualitative Study of Green IT Adoption within the Philippines Business Process Outsourcing Industry: A Multi-Theory Perspective
63 -- 79Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini Bamakan, Mohammad Dehghanimohammadabadi. A Weighted Monte Carlo Simulation Approach to Risk Assessment of Information Security Management System
80 -- 99Arwa Mukhtar Makki, Tarig Mohamed Ahmed. Enhancing RCIES Model: A Case Study in the Sudanese Electricity Transmission Company
100 -- 121Basma Mohammed Hassan, Khaled Mohammed Fouad, Mahmoud Fathy Hassan. Keystroke Dynamics Authentication in Cloud Computing: A Survey

Volume 11, Issue 3

1 -- 12Carmine Sellitto, Paul Hawking. Enterprise Systems and Data Analytics: A Fantasy Football Case Study
13 -- 26Arunasalam Sambhanthan, Vidyasagar Potdar. Green Business Practices for Software Development Companies: An Explorative Text Analysis of Business Sustainability Reports
27 -- 51Ebru Esendemirli, Duygu Turker, Ceren Altuntas. An Analysis of Interdepartmental Relations in Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation: A Social Capital Perspective
52 -- 67Chandra Sekhar Patro, K. Madhu Kishore Raghunath. Impetus to Supply Chain Decisions with IT Tools: An Empirical Study
68 -- 83Malihe Motiei, Nor Hidayati Zakaria, Davide Aloini, Mohammad Akbarpour Sekeh. Developing Instruments for Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Post-Implementation Failure Model

Volume 11, Issue 2

1 -- 23Klaus Wölfel. Automated ERP Category Configuration Support for Small Businesses
24 -- 49André Cruz, André Vasconcelos. A Reference Application Architecture for the CRM Domain: The Portuguese Citizen Space Case Study
50 -- 64Babak Darvish Rouhani, Mohd Naz'ri Mahrin, Hossein Shirazi, Fatemeh Nikpay, Bita Darvish Rouhani. An Effectiveness Model for Enterprise Architecture Methodologies
65 -- 89Tung-Hsiang Chou, Ching-Chang Lee, Chin-Wen Lin. Using Ontological E-Services Framework to Orchestrate E-Business Process Services
90 -- 106Atieh Dokhanchi, Eslam Nazemi. BISC: A Framework for Aligning Business Intelligence with Corporate Strategies Based on Enterprise Architecture Framework

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 12Paul Hawking, Carmine Sellitto. Business Intelligence Strategy: A Utilities Company Case Study
13 -- 32Rui Pedro Marques, Henrique Santos, Carlos Santos. Monitoring Organizational Transactions in Enterprise Information Systems with Continuous Assurance Requirements
33 -- 49Bryon Balint. Obtaining Value from the Customization of Packaged Business Software: A Model and Simulation
50 -- 61Yu-Chieh Wu. Chinese Text Categorization via Bottom-Up Weighted Word Clustering
62 -- 84João Correia dos Santos, Miguel Mira da Silva. Mapping Critical Success Factors for IT Outsourcing: The Providers' Perspective