Journal: IJEIS

Volume 13, Issue 4

1 -- 14Ning Wei, Dao Jiang, Chunfeng Si. Study on an Information System Integration Scheme of Enterprises Based on RFID Technology with SOA
15 -- 30Amjed Al-Thuhli, Mohammed Al-Badawi, Youcef Baghdadi, Abdullah Al-Hamdani. A Framework for Interfacing Unstructured Data Into Business Process From Enterprise Social Networks
31 -- 57Husam Alfahl, Luke Houghton, Louis Sanzogni. Mobile Commerce Adoption in Saudi Organizations: A Qualitative Study
58 -- 75Ebru E. Saygili, Yucel Ozturkoglu, Mehmet C. Kocakulah. End Users' Perceptions of Critical Success Factors in ERP Applications
76 -- 89Abdul Waheed, Jianhua Yang. The Effect of Mobile Marketing and Email Marketing on Exploratory Information Seeking (EIS) Behavior of the Consumers: Communication Through Wireless Technologies
90 -- 103Alexander A. Hernandez. Green Information Technology Usage: Awareness and Practices of Philippine IT Professionals

Volume 13, Issue 3

1 -- 22Yoshimasa Masuda, Seiko Shirasaka, Shuichiro Yamamoto, Thomas Hardjono. An Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Framework and Implementation: Towards Global Enterprises in the era of Cloud/Mobile IT/Digital IT
23 -- 35Ritesh Chugh, Subhash C. Sharma, Andrés Cabrera. Lessons Learned from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementations in an Australian Company
36 -- 50Terry W. Mason, John J. Morris. The Impact of Organizational Slack and Lag Time on Economic Productivity: The Case of ERP Systems
51 -- 64Mengying Zhang, John Wang, Hongwei Liu. The Probabilistic Profitable Tour Problem
65 -- 85Mohammad Daradkeh, Radwan M. Al-Dwairi. Self-Service Business Intelligence Adoption in Business Enterprises: The Effects of Information Quality, System Quality, and Analysis Quality

Volume 13, Issue 2

1 -- 21Maria Glória Fraga, João Varajão, Paula Cristina Ribeiro Coutinho Oliveira. ISOPM: Framework for IT/IS Outsourcing Project Management
22 -- 33Paul Hawking, Carmine Sellitto. A Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Company and Business Intelligence Strategy Development
34 -- 49Ahad Zare Ravasan, Payam Hanafizadeh, Laya Olfat, Mohammad Taghi Taghavifard. A Fuzzy TOPSIS Method for Selecting An E-banking Outsourcing Strategy
50 -- 62Svyatoslav Kotusev. Critical Questions in Enterprise Architecture Research
63 -- 84S. Vijayakumar Bharathi, Kanchan Chandrayan. Application of FMEA to Study the Risk Perception of SMEs Throughout the ERP Adoption Life Cycle

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 16Bryon Balint. Maximizing the Value of Packaged Software Customization: A Nonlinear Model and Simulation
17 -- 37Winfred Yaokumah, Rebecca Adwoa Amponsah. Examining the Contributing Factors for Cloud Computing Adoption in a Developing Country
38 -- 49Jalal Sarabadani, Hamed Jafarzadeh, Mehdi Shamizanjani. Towards Understanding the Determinants of Employees' E -Learning Adoption in Workplace: A Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) View
50 -- 66Hongyan Yu, Srikanta Patnaik, Shenjia Ji, Liguo Jia, Tengxiao Yang. Design and Implementation of Multi-Agent Online Auction Systems in Cloud Computing
67 -- 85Amir Beirami Hajilari, Mahsa Ghadaksaz, Gholamreza Soltani Fasghandis. Assessing Organizational Readiness for Implementing ERP System Using Fuzzy Expert System Approach