Journal: IJEIS

Volume 14, Issue 4

1 -- 15Heiko Thimm. Energy Management Enhanced ERP: Use Cases, Technical Considerations, and a Sample Implementation Approach
16 -- 27Amir-Reza Abtahi, Fahimeh Abdi. Designing Software as a Service in Cloud Computing Using Quality Function Deployment
28 -- 53Guangdong Liu, Tianjian Yang, Yao Wei, Xuemei Zhang. Decisions of Green Supply Chain under Fairness Concerns and Different Power Structures
54 -- 63Liu Yunshan. A Fish Swarm Algorithm for Financial Risk Early Warning
64 -- 77Mohammed Banu Ali, Trevor Wood-Harper, Mostafa Mohamad. Benefits and Challenges of Cloud Computing Adoption and Usage in Higher Education: A Systematic Literature Review
78 -- 88Rui Zhou 0014, Guijie Qi. A System Dynamics Model for Open Innovation Community
89 -- 107Ashraf Ahmed Fadelelmoula. The Impacts of the Quality Dimensions of the ERP System on the Realization of the Fundamental Business Objectives and Perceived Usefulness
108 -- 123M. D. Sarwar-A. Alam, Daoping Wang, Kalsoom Rafique. Analyzing the Impact of Social Network Sites and Social Applications on Buying Attitude in Developing Nations: Consumers' Engagement Using Flourishing Digital Platforms
124 -- 141Hamood Al-Kharusi, Suraya Miskon, Mahadi Bahari. Enterprise Architecture Development Approach in the Public Sector

Volume 14, Issue 3

1 -- 18Filipe Sardo, Maria-Céu Alves. ERP Systems and Accounting: A Systematic Literature Review
19 -- 40Long Pham, Stan Williamson, Ronald Berry. Student Perceptions of E-Learning Service Quality, E-Satisfaction, and E-Loyalty
41 -- 78Mariam Ben Hassen, Mohamed Turki, Faïez Gargouri. Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Modeling Languages Based on BPM4KI Meta-Model for Sensitive Business Processes Representation
79 -- 90Pelleth Y. Thomas, Rebana N. Mmereki, Rudolph L. Boy. Evaluation of an Academic and Student Administration System in its Post-Implementation Phase: A Case Study at the University of Botswana
91 -- 105Catherine Catherine, Edi Abdurachman. ERP System Adoption Analysis Using TOE Framework in Permata Hijau Group (PHG) Medan
106 -- 127Safeer Ullah Khan, Xiangdong Liu, Ikram Ullah Khan, Cheng Liu, Zahid Hameed. Measuring the Effects of Risk and Cultural Dimensions on the Adoption of Online Stock Trading: A Developing Country Perspective
128 -- 145Mbarek Marwan, Ali Kartit, Hassan Ouahmane. A Cloud Based Solution for Collaborative and Secure Sharing of Medical Data

Volume 14, Issue 2

1 -- 20Daniel Schatz, Rabih Bashroush. Corporate Information Security Investment Decisions: A Qualitative Data Analysis Approach
21 -- 42Moutasm Tamimi, Issam Jebreen. A Systematic Snapshot of Small Packaged Software Vendors' Enterprises
43 -- 55Ji Huan, Ren Bo. Application of the Big Data Grey Relational Decision-Making Algorithm to the Evaluation of Resource Utilization in Higher Education
56 -- 76Xueli Zhan, Qin Zhang, Wen-Fang Xie. Dynamic Performance and Stability Research of VMI-APIOBPCS in Apparel Industry Based on Control Theory
77 -- 86Vinay Kumar Jain, Shishir Kumar, Prabhat Mahanti. Sentiment Recognition in Customer Reviews Using Deep Learning
87 -- 97Yongfang Chi. Network System Structure Design for Data Centers in Large Enterprises Using Cloud Computing
98 -- 115Yuhang Zhang, Ying Wang. Competition and Coordination in a Dual-Channel Supply Chain With Asymmetric Retailers

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 20Yoshimasa Masuda, Seiko Shirasaka, Shuichiro Yamamoto, Thomas Hardjono. Architecture Board Practices in Adaptive Enterprise Architecture with Digital Platform: A Case of Global Healthcare Enterprise
21 -- 34Sha Fu, Xilong Qu, Hangjun Zhou, Guo-bing Fan. A Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Model Using Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers and Attribute Correlation
35 -- 62Abdeldjalil Ledmi, Hakim Bendjenna, Sofiane Mounine Hemam. Optimizing Both the User Requirements and the Load Balancing in the Volunteer Computing System by using Markov Chain Model
63 -- 76Mei Zhang, Huan Liu, JingHua Wen. E-Commerce Security Research in Big Data Environment
77 -- 103Salah Rezaie, Seyed Javad Mirabedini, Ataollah Abtahi. Designing a Model for Implementation of Business Intelligence in the Banking Industry
104 -- 110Yong-chao Chen, Xin-bao Gao, Min Gao, Dan Fang. An Optimal Missile Autopilot Design Model
111 -- 125Piedade Carvalho. A Model of Factors Explaining the Adoption and Use of Electronic Performance Support Systems in Portuguese Organizations