Journal: IJEIS

Volume 4, Issue 4

1 -- 14S. Parthasarathy, Muthu Ramachandran. Requirements Engineering Method and Maturity Model for ERP Projects
15 -- 33Youcef Aklouf, Habiba Drias. An Adaptive E-Commerce Architecture for Enterprise Information Exchange
34 -- 46Lex van Velsen, Corrie Huijs, Thea van der Geest. Eliciting User Input for Requirements on Personalization: The Case of a Dutch ERP System
47 -- 61David Bell, Navonil Mustafee, Sergio de Cesare, Simon J. E. Taylor, Mark Lycett, Paul A. Fishwick. Ontology Engineering for Simulation Component Reuse
62 -- 79Blanca Hernandez, Julio Jimenez, M. Jose Martin. Business Acceptance of Information Technology: Expanding TAM Using Industry Sector and Technological Compatibility

Volume 4, Issue 3

1 -- 8Catherine Equey, Emmanuel Fragnière. Elements of Perception Regarding the Implementation of ERP Systems in Swiss SMEs
9 -- 24Julie Dawson, Jonathan Owens. Critical Success Factors in the Chartering Phase: A Case Study of an ERP Implementation
25 -- 47Guy Janssens, Rob J. Kusters, Fred J. Heemstra. Sizing ERP Implementation Projects: An Activity-Based Approach
48 -- 65Lene Pries-Heje. Time, Attitude, and User Participation: How Prior Events Determine User Attitudes in ERP Implementation
66 -- 78Alexei Sharpanskykh. Authority and Its Implementation in Enterprise Information Systems
79 -- 94William Yeoh, Andy Koronios, Jing Gao. Managing the Implementation of Business Intelligence Systems: A Critical Success Factors Framework

Volume 4, Issue 2

1 -- 12Anne Lämmer, Sandy Eggert, Norbert Gronau. A Procedure Model for a SoA-Based Integration of Enterprise Systems
13 -- 33Abdulridha Alshawaf, Omar E. M. Knalil. IS Success Factors and IS Organizational Impact: Does Ownership Type Matter in Kuwait?
34 -- 53Amit Mitra, Laura Campoy. Developing an Enterprise Wide Knowledge Warehouse: Challenge of Optimal Designs in the Media Industry
54 -- 66Shuchih Ernest Chang, Boris Minkin. Monitoring Enterprise Applications and the future of Self-Healing Applications
67 -- 83Faith-Michael E. Uzoka, Richard O. Abiola, Rebecca Nyangeresi. Influence of Product and Organizational Constructs on ERP Acquisition Using an Extended Technology Acceptance Model

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 17Yan Su, Wenhe Liao, Yu Guo, Shiwen Gao. An ASP-Based Product Customization Service Systems for SMEs: A Case Study in Construction Machinery
18 -- 33Ioannis T. Christou, Stavros Ponis. Enhancing Traditional ATP Functionality in Open Source ERP Systems: A Case Study from the Food & Beverages Industry
34 -- 47Hsiu-Hua Chang, Chun-Po Yin, Huey-Wen Chou. Diffusion of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Taiwan: Influence Sources and the Y2K Effect
48 -- 62Islam Choudhury, Sergio de Cesare, Emily Di Florido. An Object-Oriented Abstraction Mechanism for Generic Enterprise Modeling
63 -- 83Joseph R. Muscatello, Injazz J. Chen. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementations: Theory and Practice