Journal: IJEIS

Volume 6, Issue 4

1 -- 19Mahesh Srinivasan. E-Business and ERP: A Conceptual Framework toward the Business Transformation to an Integrated E-Supply Chain
20 -- 37Rubén A. Mendoza, T. Ravichandran. Drivers of Organizational Participation in XML-based Industry Standardization Efforts
38 -- 54Samar Mouakket. Extending the Technology Acceptance Model to Investigate the Utilization of ERP Systems
55 -- 68Bay Arinze, Murugan Anandarajan. Factors that Determine the Adoption of Cloud Computing: A Global Perspective

Volume 6, Issue 3

1 -- 16Seong Jong Joo, Ik-Whan G. Kwon, Chang Won Lee. Future State of Outsourcing Supply Chain Information Systems: An Analysis of Survey Results
17 -- 32João Duarte, André Vasconcelos. Evaluating Information Systems Constructing a Model Processing Framework
33 -- 47Dongjin Yu. Message-Based Approach to Master Data Synchronization among Autonomous Information Systems
48 -- 58Behrouz Zarei, Mina Naeli. Critical Success Factors in Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation A Case-Study Approach
59 -- 86Alen Jakupovic, Mile Pavlic, Neven Vrcek. A Proposition for Classification of Business Sectors by ERP Solutions Support

Volume 6, Issue 2

1 -- 14Alan R. Peslak, Todd A. Boyle. An Exploratory Study of the Key Skills for Entry-Level ERP Employees
15 -- 34Chetan S. Sankar. Factors that Improve ERP Implementation Strategies in an Organization
35 -- 57Rebecca Angeles. Effects of Reciprocal Investments and Relational Interaction in Deploying RFID Supply Chain Systems
58 -- 81Rubén A. Mendoza, T. Ravichandran. An Empirical Evaluation of the Assimilation of Industry-Specific Data Standards Using Firm-Level and Community-Level Constructs
82 -- 111Payam Hanafizadeh, Roya Gholami, Shabnam Dadbin, Nicholas Standage. The Core Critical Success Factors in Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 11Michael Pradel, Jakob Henriksson, Uwe Aßmann. A Good Role Model for Ontologies: Collaborations
12 -- 28Florian Lautenbacher, Bernhard Bauer, Tanja Sieber, Alejandro Cabral. Linguistics-Based Modeling Methods and Ontologies in Requirements Engineering
29 -- 43Károly Tilly, Zoltán Porkoláb. Semantic User Interfaces
44 -- 56Diana M. Sánchez Fuquene, César J. Acuña, José María Cavero, Esperanza Marcos. Toward UML-Compliant Semantic Web Services Development
57 -- 67César J. Acuña, Mariano Minoli, Esperanza Marcos. Integrating Web Portals with Semantic Web Services: A Case Study
68 -- 84Kerstin Altmanninger, Wieland Schwinger, Gabriele Kotsis. Semantics for Accurate Conflict Detection in SMoVer: Specification, Detection and Presentation by Example