Journal: IJEIS

Volume 7, Issue 4

1 -- 12Ana L. Rosado Feger. Improving Internal Supply Chain Collaboration by Increasing Information-Processing Capacity: The Role of Enterprise Information Systems
13 -- 22Przemyslaw Lech. Is it Really so 'Strategic'?: Motivational Factors for Investing in Enterprise Systems
23 -- 63Payam Hanafizadeh, Ahad Zare Ravasan. A McKinsey 7S Model-Based Framework for ERP Readiness Assessment
64 -- 90Mohammad Nazir Ahmad, Nor Hidayati Zakaria, Darshana Sedera. Ontology-Based Knowledge Management for Enterprise Systems

Volume 7, Issue 3

1 -- 29Zijad Pita, France Cheong, Brian J. Corbitt. A Maturity Model of Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP): A Comprehensive Conceptualization
30 -- 57Zijad Pita, France Cheong, Brian J. Corbitt. A Maturity Model of Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP): An Empirical Evaluation Using the Analytic Network Process
58 -- 67Babak Sohrabi, Iman Raeesi Vanani. Collaborative Planning of ERP Implementation: A Design Science Approach
68 -- 92Cliff Cartman, Angel Salazar. The Influence of Organisational Size, Internal IT Capabilities, and Competitive and Vendor Pressures on ERP Adoption in SMEs

Volume 7, Issue 2

1 -- 17Petra Schubert, Susan P. Williams, Ralf W├Âlfle. Sustainable Competitive Advantage in E-Commerce and the Role of the Enterprise System
18 -- 33Michelle Antero, Philip Holst Riis. Strategic Management of Network Resources: A Case Study of an ERP Ecosystem
34 -- 49Mohan P. Rao, Purnendu Mandal. Linking the Impact of IT Investments to Productivity and Profitability
50 -- 65Chun Meng Tang, Govindan Marthandan. An Analytical Model to Measure IS-Enabled Organizational Effectiveness

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 17Per Svejvig, Jan Pries-Heje. Enterprise Systems Outsourcing Behind the Curtain : A Case Study Showing How Rational and Institutional Explanations Coexist and Complement Each Other
18 -- 40Magdy Abdel-Kader, Thu Phuong Nguyen. An Investigation of Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation in a Small Firm: A Study of Problems Encountered and Successes Achieved
41 -- 55Long Pham, Jeffrey E. Teich. A Success Model for Enterprise Resource Planning Adoption to Improve Financial Performance in Vietnam s Equitized State Owned Enterprises
56 -- 71Mohamed A. Nour, Samar Mouakket. A Classification Framework of Critical Success Factors for ERP Systems Implementation: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective