Journal: IJEIS

Volume 8, Issue 4

1 -- 43Ruben Filipe de Sousa Pereira, Miguel Mira da Silva. Designing a New Integrated IT Governance and IT Management Framework Based on Both Scientific and Practitioner Viewpoint
44 -- 62Celeste See Pui Ng. A Case on ERP Custom Add-On in Taiwan: Implications to System Fit, Acceptance and Maintenance Costs
63 -- 76Wendy Wang, Drew Hwang. A Case Study of a Government-Sponsored Enterprise Resource Planning Project in a Chinese Apparel Company
77 -- 98Hossein Arsham. Data Perturbation Analysis for IS Project Management Based on a Single Time Estimate

Volume 8, Issue 3

1 -- 14Dimitris Folinas, Emmanuel H. R. Daniel. Estimating the Impact of ERP Systems on Logistics System
15 -- 33Alan R. Peslak. Industry Variables Affecting ERP Success and Status
34 -- 53Hamed Fazlollahtabar, Amir Muhammadzadeh. A Knowledge-Based User Interface to Optimize Curriculum Utility in an E-Learning System
54 -- 73Ahmad Jafarnejad, Manoucher Ansari, Hossein Rahmany Youshanlouei, Mohammad Mood. A Hybrid MCDM Approach for Solving the ERP System Selection Problem with Application to Steel Industry

Volume 8, Issue 2

1 -- 13Elad Harison. Critical Success Factors of Business Intelligence System Implementations: Evidence from the Energy Sector
14 -- 29Babak Sohrabi, Iman Raeesi Vanani, Davood Qorbani, Peter Forte. An Integrative View of Knowledge Sharing Impact on E-Learning Quality: A Model for Higher Education Institutes
30 -- 51Toly Chen, Yu-Cheng Wang. An Integrated Project Management System for Facilitating Knowledge Learning
52 -- 63Saeed Askary, David Goodwin, Roman Lanis. Improvements in Audit Risks Related to Information Technology Frauds

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 16Kouroush Jenab, Ahmad R. Sarfaraz. A Fuzzy Graph-Based Model for Selecting Knowledge Management Tools in Innovation Processes
17 -- 27Paulo Teixeira, Patricia Leite Brandao, Álvaro Rocha. Promoting Success in the Introduction of Health Information Systems
28 -- 50R. Rajendran, N. Elangovan. Response of Small Enterprises to the Pressures of ERP Adoption
51 -- 65T. Chandrakumar, S. Parthasarathy. Enhancing Data Security in ERP Projects Using XML