Journal: IJESJP

Volume 1, Issue 2

85 -- 94Erin Cech. Great Problems of Grand Challenges: Problematizing Engineering's Understandings of its Role in Society
95 -- 108Amy E. Slaton. Engineering Improvement: Social and Historical Perspectives on the NAE's "Grand Challenges"
109 -- 122Joseph R. Herkert, David A. Banks. I Have Seen the Future! Ethics, Progress, and the Grand Challenges for Engineering
123 -- 136Donna Riley. We've Been Framed! Ends, Means, and the Ethics of the Grand(iose) Challenges
137 -- 151Dean Nieusma, Xiaofeng Tang. The Unbalanced Equation: Technical Opportunities and Social Barriers in the NAE Grand Challenges and Beyond
152 -- 159George D. Catalano. Listening to the Quiet Voices: Unlocking the Heart of Engineering Grand Challenges

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 6Dean Nieusma, Donna Riley, Jens Kabo, Usman Mushtaq. Editors' Introduction
7 -- 17Rita Armstrong, Caroline A. Baillie. Engineers Engaging with Community: Negotiating Cultural Difference on Mine Sites
18 -- 30Andrés Felipe Pineda, Richard Arias-Hernández, María C. Ramírez, Astrid Bejarano, Juan C. Silva. The Borders of Engineers Without Borders: A Self-Assessment of Ingenieros Sin Fronteras Colombia
31 -- 49Dani J. Barrington, Stephen Dobbs, Daniel I. Loden. Social and Environmental Justice for Communities of the Mekong River
50 -- 62Dean Nieusma, Ethan Blue. Engineering and War
63 -- 82Jon A. Leydens, Juan C. Lucena, Jen Schneider. Are Engineering and Social Justice (In)commensurable? A Theoretical Exploration of Macro-Sociological Frameworks
83 -- 84Julian O'Shea. Dambisa Moyo's Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is Another Way for Africa