Journal: IJICS

Volume 11, Issue 6

525 -- 561Henry Carter, Patrick Traynor. Outsourcing computation for private function evaluation
562 -- 584Xiaolei Wang, Yuexiang Yang. PrivacyContext: identifying malicious mobile privacy leak using program context
585 -- 603Rakesh Ahuja, Sarabjeet Singh Bedi. Video watermarking scheme based on IDR frames using MPEG-2 structure
604 -- 620Mao Yingying, Yuan-Hao. Study on data fuzzy breakpoint detection in massive dynamic data flow
621 -- 636Ja'afer Al-Saraireh. A novel approach for query over encrypted data in database
637 -- 662M. Revanesh, V. Sridhar, John M. Acken. CB-ALCA: a cluster-based adaptive lightweight cryptographic algorithm for secure routing in wireless sensor networks

Volume 11, Issue 4/5

315 -- 331Ben Charhi Youssef, Mannane Nada, Boubker Regragui. Behavioural analysis approach for IDS based on attack pattern and risk assessment in cloud computing
332 -- 354Burhan Ul Islam Khan, Rashidah Funke Olanrewaju, Farhat Anwar, Roohie Naaz Mir, Athaur Rahman Najeeb. A critical insight into the effectiveness of research methods evolved to secure IoT ecosystem
355 -- 390Hamza Khemissa, Djamel Tandjaoui, Samia Bouzefrane. An efficient authentication and key agreement scheme for e-health applications in the context of internet of things
391 -- 412Jiaying Li, Baowen Zhang. An ontology-based approach to improve access policy administration of attribute-based access control
413 -- 430Mohammed Amine Yagoub, Okba Kazar, Mounir Beggas. A multi-agent system approach based on cryptographic algorithm for securing communications and protecting stored data in the cloud-computing environment
431 -- 446Ahmed A. Elngar. An efficient user authentication model for IOT-based healthcare environment
447 -- 475B. S. Kiruthika Devi, T. Subbulakshmi. Cloud-based DDoS attack detection and defence system using statistical approach
476 -- 492T. N. Nisha, Dhanya Pramod. Sequential pattern analysis for event-based intrusion detection
493 -- 509Kirti Sharma, Shobha Bhatt. SQL injection attacks - a systematic review
510 -- 523Isunuri Bala Venkateswarlu, Jagadeesh Kakarla. Password security by encryption using an extended ADFGVX cipher

Volume 11, Issue 3

203 -- 213Hedieh Sajedi. An ensemble algorithm for discovery of malicious web pages
214 -- 232Aniruddha Bhattacharjya, Xiaofeng Zhong, Jing Wang 0001, Xing Li. On mapping of address and port using translation
233 -- 254Aarti Amod Agarkar, Himanshu Agrawal. Lightweight R-LWE-based privacy preservation scheme for smart grid network
255 -- 274Jaryn Shen, Qingkai Zeng. CSPS: catchy short passwords making offline and online attacks impossible
275 -- 288V. Keerthika, Nandagopal Malarvizhi. Mitigate black hole attack using bee optimised weighted trust with AODV in MANET
289 -- 309Adam J. Brown, Todd R. Andel. What's in your honeypot: a privacy compliance perspective

Volume 11, Issue 2

103 -- 119Sheng-dong Mu, Yixiang Tian, Yiwei Luo. A study of the internet financial interest rate risk evaluation index system in cloud computing
120 -- 144He Xu, Weiwei Shen, Peng Li 0011, Keith Mayes, Ruchuan Wang, Dashen Li, Shengxiang Yang. Novel implementation of defence strategy of relay attack based on cloud in RFID systems
145 -- 159Su Yang, Shen Junwei, Wang Wei. Reconfigurable design and implementation of nonlinear Boolean function for cloud computing security platform
160 -- 177Haixing Wang, Guiping Xiao, Zhen Wei, Tao Hai. Network optimisation for improving security and safety level of dangerous goods transportation based on cloud computing
178 -- 202Xiao Zhang, Shengli Liu, Shuai Han. Proofs of retrievability from linearly homomorphic structure-preserving signatures

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 16S. S. Manikandasaran, Lawrence Arockiam, P. D. Sheba Kezia Malarchelvi. MONcrypt: a technique to ensure the confidentiality of outsourced data in cloud storage
17 -- 32Mohammad M. Rasheed, Norita Md Norwawi, Osman Ghazali, Munadil K. Faaeq. Detection algorithm for internet worms scanning that used user datagram protocol
33 -- 60Ouissem Ben Fredj. SPHERES: an efficient server-side web application protection system
61 -- 82Kamel Mohamed Faraoun. A novel verifiable and unconditionally secure (m, t, n)-threshold multi-secret sharing scheme using overdetermined systems of linear equations over finite Galois fields
83 -- 100Xiaoming Hu, Huajie Xu, Jian Wang 0028, WenAn Tan, Yinchun Yang. A generic construction of identity-based proxy signature scheme in the standard model