Journal: IJICS

Volume 12, Issue 4

383 -- 396Xin Xie, Jianan Wang, Songlin Ge, Nan Jiang, Fengping Hu. An improved spatial-temporal correlation algorithm combined with compressed sensing and LEACH protocol in WSNs
397 -- 415Chundong Wang 0002, Tong Zhao, Zheli Liu. An activity theory model for dynamic evolution of attack graph based on improved least square genetic algorithm
416 -- 435Chundong Wang 0002, Lei Yang 0032, Hao Guo, Fujin Wan. Data protection and provenance in cloud of things environment: research challenges
436 -- 449Kouraogo Yacouba, Ghizlane Orhanou, Said Elhajji 0001. Advanced security of two-factor authentication system using stego QR code
450 -- 463Assia Merzoug, Adda Ali-Pacha, Naima Hadj-Said. New chaotic cryptosystem for the image encryption

Volume 12, Issue 2/3

112 -- 129Hridoy Jyoti Mahanta, Ajoy Kumar Khan. A secured modular exponentiation for RSA and CRT-RSA with dual blinding to resist power analysis attacks
130 -- 146Srilekha Mukherjee, Goutam Sanyal. Eight neighbour bits swap encryption-based image steganography using arithmetic progression technique
147 -- 180Shashank Gupta 0002, B. B. Gupta 0001, Pooja Chaudhary. Nested context-aware sanitisation and feature injection in clustered templates of JavaScript worms on the cloud-based OSN
181 -- 198Joey Pinto, Pooja Jain, Tapan Kumar. Fault prediction for distributed computing Hadoop clusters using real-time higher order differential inputs to SVM: Zedacross
199 -- 216Shelza Suri, Ritu Vijay. A coupled map lattice-based image encryption approach using DNA and bi-objective genetic algorithm
217 -- 233Vandana Mohindru, Yashwant Singh, Ravindara Bhatt. Securing wireless sensor networks from node clone attack: a lightweight message authentication algorithm
234 -- 252Manoj Diwakar, Pardeep Kumar. Blind noise estimation-based CT image denoising in tetrolet domain
253 -- 268P. M. Ashok Kumar, D. Kavitha, S. Arun-Kumar. A hybrid generative-discriminative model for abnormal event detection in surveillance video scenes
269 -- 302Burhan Ul Islam Khan, Rashidah Funke Olanrewaju, Farhat Anwar, Roohie Naaz Mir, Mashkuri Yaacob. Scrutinising internet banking security solutions
303 -- 331Somya Ranjan Sahoo, B. B. Gupta 0001. Fake profile detection in multimedia big data on online social networks
332 -- 348Amrit Kumar Agrawal, Yogendra Narain Singh. Unconstrained face recognition using deep convolution neural network
349 -- 377Hemraj Shobharam Lamkuche, Dhanya Pramod. CSL: FPGA implementation of lightweight block cipher for power-constrained devices

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 19John M. Gray, Gurvirender P. Tejay. Introducing virtue ethics concepts into the decision processes of information systems trusted workers: a Delphi study
20 -- 39Oladayo Olufemi Olakanmi. SAPMS: a secure and anonymous parking management system for autonomous vehicles
40 -- 52Jianmin Zhang, Hua Li, Jian Li. An improved key pre-distribution scheme based on the security level classification of keys for wireless sensor networks
53 -- 69Anil Yadav, Anurag Tripathi, Nitin Rakesh, Sujata Pandey. Protecting composite IoT server by secure secret key exchange for XEN intra virtual machines
70 -- 89Amishi Mahesh Kapadia, Nithyanandam Pandian. Reversible data hiding methods in integer wavelet transform
90 -- 105Ankit Thakkar, Kajol Patel. VIKAS: a new virtual keyboard-based simple and efficient text CAPTCHA verification scheme