Journal: IJICS

Volume 18, Issue 3/4

237 -- 261Mingyue Wang, Shen Yan, Wei Wang, Jiwu Jing. Secure zero-effort two-factor authentication based on time-frequency audio analysis
262 -- 277Asma Amraoui. On a secured channel selection in cognitive radio networks
278 -- 299Min Ren, ZhiHao Wang, Peiying Zhao. A feature selection method based on neighbourhood rough set and genetic algorithm for intrusion detection
300 -- 312Gang Ke, Ruey-Shun Chen, Yeh-Cheng Chen. Research on intrusion detection method based on SMOTE and DBN-LSSVM
313 -- 326Nilay R. Mistry, Krupa Gajjar, S. O. Junare. Volatile memory forensics of privacy aware browsers
327 -- 347Shikha Badhani, Sunil Kumar Muttoo. GENDroid - a graph-based ensemble classifier for detecting Android malware
348 -- 364S. Jamuna Rani, S. Vagdevi. Auto-encoder-based technique for effective detection of frauds in social networks
365 -- 382Dillibabu Shanmugam, Jothi Rangasamy. Robust message authentication in the context of quantum key distribution
383 -- 405Bhanu Chander, Kumaravelan Gopalakrishnan. RFID tag-based mutual authentication protocol with improved security for TMIS
406 -- 424Sandip Thite, J. NaveenKumar. SecureAuthKey: design and evaluation of a lightweight key agreement technique for smart home applications

Volume 18, Issue 1/2

1 -- 11Gang Ke, Ruey-Shun Chen, Shanshan Ji, Jyh-haw Yeh. Network traffic prediction based on least squares support vector machine with simple estimation of Gaussian kernel width
12 -- 26Yen-Wu Ti, Shang-Kuan Chen, Wen-Cheng Wang. A hierarchical particle swarm optimisation algorithm for cloud computing environment
27 -- 39Jaryn Shen, Qingkai Zeng. The count-min sketch is vulnerable to offline password-guessing attacks
40 -- 74N. Raghu Kisore, K. Shiva Kumar. FFRR: a software diversity technique for defending against buffer overflow attacks
75 -- 104Salma Dammak, Faiza Ghozzi, Asma Sellami, Faïez Gargouri. Managing vulnerabilities during the development of a secure ETL processes
105 -- 132Duncan-Allan Byamukama, John Ngubiri. DDoS amplification attacks and impacts on enterprise service-oriented network infrastructures: DNS servers
133 -- 147Premala Bhande, Mohammed Bakhar. Enhanced ant colony-based AODV for analysis of black and gray hole attacks in MANET
148 -- 164Punugu Vasudeva Reddy, A. Ramesh Babu, N. B. Gayathri 0001. Pairing-based strong key-insulated signature scheme
165 -- 192Shravani Mahesh Patil, B. R. Purushothama. QC-PRE: quorum controlled proxy re-encryption scheme for access control enforcement delegation of outsourced data
193 -- 203Grace C.-W. Ting, Bok-Min Goi, Sze-Wei Lee. Robustness attack on copyright protection scheme for H.264/AVC and SVC
204 -- 218Jianqing Gao, Haiyang Zou, Fuquan Zhang, Tsu-Yang Wu. An intelligent stage light-based actor identification and positioning system
219 -- 235Abdellah Nabou, My Driss Laanaoui, Mohammed Ouzzif. Effect of black hole attack in different mobility models of MANET using OLSR protocol