Journal: IJICS

Volume 19, Issue 3/4

237 -- 253Hongfeng Zhu, Zhiqin Du, Liwei Wang, Yuanle Zhang. N-party authenticated group key distribution protocol using quantum-reflection architecture
254 -- 273Junaid Akram, Danish Vasan, Ping Luo 0004. Obfuscated code is identifiable by a token-based code clone detection technique
274 -- 287Xingtong Zhu, Jianbin Xiong, Yeh-Cheng Chen, Yongda Cai. Safety monitoring of machinery equipment and fault diagnosis method based on support vector machine and improved evidence theory
288 -- 304Junfeng Tian, Zilong Wang, Zhen Li. Hierarchical data partition defence against co-resident attacks
305 -- 320Khedoudja Bouafia, Lamia Hamza. Game theory approach for analysing attack graphs
321 -- 345Jincy J. Fernandez, Nithyanandam Pandian, Raghuvamsh Chavali, Ashwanth Kumar Appalaghe. Augmenting the detection of online image theft using diagonal transformation and iris biometric watermarking
346 -- 378Bintu Kadhiwala, Sankita J. Patel. Privacy-preserving collaborative social network data publishing against colluding data providers
379 -- 401Rangana De Silva, Iranga Navaratna, Malitha Kumarasiri, Chuah Chai Wen, Janaka Alawatugoda. Correlation power analysis attack on software implementation of TRIVIUM stream cipher
402 -- 442Xichen Zhang, Mohammad Mehdi Yadollahi, Sajjad Dadkhah, Haruna Isah, Duc-Phong Le, Ali A. Ghorbani 0001. Data breach: analysis, countermeasures and challenges
443 -- 462Jessica Judith D'souza, R. Padmavathy, Abhinav Dayal, Harika Gnanaveni, Sreenu Ponnada. Secure exchange and incentivised collaboration of machine learning models and datasets using blockchain

Volume 19, Issue 1/2

1 -- 33Mukti Padhya, Devesh C. Jinwala. Revocable key aggregate searchable encryption with user privacy and anonymity
34 -- 47Venkata Vara Prasad, Polipalli Trinatha Rao. Reinforcement learning-based cooperative sensing in cognitive radio networks for primary user detection
48 -- 72Hitendra Garg. A comprehensive study of watermarking schemes for 3D polygon mesh objects
73 -- 87Rahul Kumar, Mridul Kumar Gupta, Saru Kumari. Cryptanalysis and improvement of an authentication scheme for IoT
88 -- 117Gulab Sah, Subhasish Banerjee, Manash Pratim Dutta. Ensemble learning algorithms with feature reduction mechanism for intrusion detection system
118 -- 141Xian Guo, Wei Bai. ML-SDNIDS: an attack detection mechanism for SDN based on machine learning
142 -- 167Saba Malekpour Bejandi, Mohammad Reza Taghva, Payam Hanafizadeh. Applying swarm intelligence and data mining approach in detecting online and digital theft
168 -- 198Mantripragada Yaswanth Bhanu Murthy, Thonduri Vineela, Godavarthi Amar Tej, Movva Vasantha Lakshmi. Development of adaptive AdaBoost classifier with optimal feature selection for enhanced intrusion detection in IoT
199 -- 209Suhong Bi. Multiple backup method of financial encrypted data on internet of things platform
210 -- 236Junjie Xiong, Biyi Lin. You are safe when you tell the truth: a blockchain-based privacy-preserving evidence collection and distribution system for digital forensics