Journal: IJICS

Volume 22, Issue 3/4

263 -- 276Shipra Kumari, Hrishikesh Mahato. Construction of weighted orthogonal matrices over finite field and its application in cryptography
277 -- 297Samson Ebenezar Uthirapathy, Domnic Sandanam. Sentiment analysis in social network data using multilayer perceptron neural network with hill-climbing meta-heuristic optimisation
298 -- 322Ankush Balaram Pawar, Shashikant U. Ghumbre, Rashmi M. Jogdand. Performance analysis of privacy preservation-based authentication scheme and cryptographic-based data protocols for DSaC in cloud
323 -- 353Abiy Tadesse Abebe, Yalemzewd Negash Shiferaw, P. G. V. Suresh Kumar. Lightweight integrated cryptosystem based on reconfigurable hardware for IoT security
354 -- 376S. Jayashree, S. V. N. Santhosh Kumar. A comprehensive survey on effective key management schemes for secured authentication in vehicular ad hoc network
377 -- 389Santosh Kumar Ravva, R. M. Krishna Sureddi. Cryptanalysis of common prime RSA with two decryption exponents: Jochemsz and May approach
390 -- 410Zhenquan Ding, Hui Xu, Lei Cui 0003, Haiqiang Fei, Yongji Liu, Zhiyu Hao. HEMC: a dynamic behaviour analysis system for malware based on hardware virtualisation
411 -- 435Umesh Kumar, Vadlamudi Ch. Venkaiah. A novel stream cipher based on quasigroups and QG-PRNG
436 -- 452Ruchi Agarwal, Manoj Kumar. A privacy preserving scheme for encrypted medical images using RDH
453 -- 474Mohammed Almehdhar, Mohammed M. Abdelsamea, Na Ruan. Deep multi-locality convolutional neural network for DDoS detection in smart home IoT

Volume 22, Issue 2

139 -- 166Ancy Sherin Jose, Latha R. Nair, Varghese Paul. Tree derived feature importance and Bayesian optimisation for improved multi-class classification of DDoS attacks in software defined networks
167 -- 185Lijiao Chen, Kewei Lv. Ciphertext-policy attribute-based delay encryption
186 -- 209Lizhe Zhang, Zhuoning Bai, Zhijun Wu 0001, Kenian Wang. Unified identity authentication scheme of system wide information management based on SAML-PKI-LDAP
210 -- 229Dilip Kumar, Manoj Kumar. Outsourcing decryption of KP-ABE using elliptic curve cryptography
230 -- 261Oualid Demigha, Nabil Haddad. Formal verification of software-only mechanisms for live migration of SGX enclaves

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 27Zhijun Wu 0001, Chenlei Zhang, Junjun Guo. A method of speech information hiding in inactive frame based on pitch modulation
28 -- 59Bhanu Chander, Kumaravelan Gopalakrishnan. Outlier detection in WSN with SVDD via multi-interpolation auto-encoder
60 -- 90M. H. Abhilash, B. B. Amberker. Dynamic group signature scheme using ideal lattices
91 -- 116Muhammad Kashif Azhar, Bin Yao 0002, Zhongpu Chen. Enriching blockchain with spatial keyword query processing
117 -- 138Synim Selimi, Blerim Rexha, Kamer Vishi. CyberNFTs: conceptualising a decentralised and reward-driven intrusion detection system with ML