Journal: IJICS

Volume 5, Issue 4

251 -- 274Lawrence Teo, Gail-Joon Ahn. Extensible policy framework for heterogeneous network environments
275 -- 289Anshu Tripathi, Umesh Kumar Singh. Evaluation of severity index of vulnerability categories
290 -- 300Mahmood Al-khassaweneh, Shefa Tawalbeh. A value transformation and random permutation-based coloured image encryption technique
301 -- 333Anup C. Sharma, Robin A. Gandhi, Qiuming Zhu, William R. Mahoney, William L. Sousan. A social dimensional cyber threat model with formal concept analysis and fact-proposition inference
334 -- 358Zhanshan (Sam) Ma. First passage time and first passage percolation models for analysing network resilience and effective strategies in strategic information warfare research: a brief survey and perspective

Volume 5, Issue 3

151 -- 170Juggapong Natwichai, Xue Li, Asanee Kawtrakul. Incremental processing and indexing for (k, e)-anonymisation
171 -- 201Rkia Aouinatou, Mostafa Belkasmi. On the conventional public key in identification-based encryption: the case of RSA
202 -- 223V. Santhi, Arunkumar Thangavelu, P. Arulmozhivarman. Adaptive visible watermarking in Hadamard domain for digital images
224 -- 235Manish Mahajan, Navdeep Kaur. Steganography in coloured images using wavelet domain-based saliency map
236 -- 250Qasem Abu Al-Haija, Ahmad Al Badawi. N) using parallel multipliers and architectures

Volume 5, Issue 2

77 -- 104Danilo Valeros Bernardo. Security risk assessment: toward a comprehensive practical risk management
105 -- 114Somayeh Naderi Vesal, Mohammad Fathian. Efficient and secure credit card payment protocol for mobile devices
115 -- 131Jonathan Pan, Chun Che Fung. An agent-based model to simulate coordinated response to malware outbreak within an organisation
132 -- 149Md. Iftekhar Salam, Hoon Jae Lee. On the algebraic attack against summation type keystream generators

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 10Zhongqiu Xu, Liangju Li, Haibo Gao. Bandwidth efficient buyer-seller watermarking protocol
11 -- 27Haichang Gao, Licheng Ma, Wei Jia, Fei Ye. Multiple password interference in graphical passwords
28 -- 47Sachin Mehta, Vijayaraghavan Varadharajan, Rajarathnam Nallusamy. Tampering resistant self recoverable watermarking method using error correction codes
48 -- 67Vimalathithan Subramanian, Remzi Seker, Srini Ramaswamy, Rathinasamy B. Lenin. PCIEF: a policy conflict identification and evaluation framework
68 -- 76Mustapha Hedabou. Securing pairing-based cryptography on smartcards