Journal: IJICS

Volume 8, Issue 4

309 -- 329Anshu Tripathi, Umesh Kumar Singh. Application of quantitative security measurement model for prioritisation of vulnerability mitigation: a real case study
330 -- 346Sunita V. Dhavale, Rajendra S. Deodhar, Debasish Pradhan, L. M. Patnaik. A robust zero watermarking algorithm for stereo audio signals
347 -- 381J. Gayathri, S. Subashini. A survey on security and efficiency issues in chaotic image encryption
382 -- 400Shengzhi Zhang, Xiaoqi Jia, Peng Liu 0005. Towards service continuity for transactional applications via diverse device drivers

Volume 8, Issue 3

205 -- 220Assia Beloucif, Oussama Noui, Lemnouar Noui. Design of a tweakable image encryption algorithm using chaos-based schema
221 -- 240Fuad A. Ghaleb, Anazida Zainal, Murad A. Rassam. Mobility information estimation algorithm using Kalman-filter for vehicular ad hoc networks
241 -- 257Jyothsna Veeramreddy, Rama Prasad V. Vaddella. Anomaly-based network intrusion detection through assessing feature association impact scale
258 -- 271M. Swagath Babu, G. Idayachandran, A. Rajesh, T. Shankar, R. Nakkeeran. Investigation on defected ground-plane structures to improve isolation and correlation in multi-band MIMO antenna
272 -- 307N. Raghu Kisore. A qualitative framework for evaluating buffer overflow protection mechanisms

Volume 8, Issue 2

95 -- 106J. Gnanambigai, N. Rengarajan. A novel approach to enhance the network lifetime for hybrid routing protocol
107 -- 120Yasmina Ghebghoub, Saliha Oukid, Omar Boussaid. An MDA approach to secure access to data on cloud using implicit security
121 -- 138Farah-Sarah Ouada, Mawloud Omar, Abdelmadjid Bouabdallah, Abdelkamel Tari. Lightweight identity-based authentication protocol for wireless sensor networks
139 -- 157Pramod T. C, N. R. Sunitha. Key pre-distribution schemes to support various architectural deployment models in WSN
158 -- 180RajaSekhar Rajaboina, P. Chenna Reddy, Raja Ashok Kumar, Nangil Venkatramana. Performance comparison of TCP, UDP and TFRC in static wireless environment
181 -- 204Kavitha Ammayappan. Formally verified TSM centric privacy preserving NFC mobile payment framework and protocol

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 10Anoop Jyoti Sahoo, Rajesh Kumar Tiwari. A novel approach for hiding secret data in program files
11 -- 33Sandeep K. Sood. Advanced dynamic identity-based authentication protocol using smart card
34 -- 54Amit Phadikar, Poulami Jana, Baisakhi Sur Phadikar, Goutam Kumar Maity. Reversible watermarking using channel coding and lifting for cultural heritage and medical image
55 -- 71T. Sahayini, M. S. K. Manikandan. Enhancing the security of modern ICT systems with multimodal biometric cryptosystem and continuous user authentication
72 -- 91Christian Praher, Michael Sonntag. Applicability of keystroke dynamics as a biometric security feature for mobile touchscreen devices with virtualised keyboards