Journal: IJISCM

Volume 3, Issue 4

287 -- 300Shiow-Luan Wang, Chun-Hui Wu, Chyuan Perng. Improving organisational learning for project success: a knowledge management perspective
301 -- 313Amy Y. Chou. The role of knowledge sharing and trust in new product development outsourcing
314 -- 326Maamar Khater, Mimoun Malki. An approach for managing web services changes
327 -- 343R. Amuthakkannan. Performance improvement of software-based system using an integrated approach - a case study
344 -- 358Murugesan Sundarambal, R. Devaraj, P. Anbalagan. Evolutionary approach for buffer management in asynchronous transfer mode networks
359 -- 374Benny M. E. De Waal, Ronald Batenburg. Design decisions in workflow management and quality of work