Journal: IJISCM

Volume 1, Issue 4

339 -- 373Emilio Bellini, Corrado Lo Storto. The impact of software capability maturity model on knowledge management and organisational learning: empirical findings and useful insights
374 -- 395Ahasanul Haque, Javad Sadegzadeh, Ali Khatibi, Shameem Al Mahmud. Investigating potentially affective factors of online sales: a study on Malaysian business online
396 -- 420Rodrigo Magalhaes. A context-based dynamic capability perspective of IS/IT organisational fit
421 -- 438Shu-Chuan Chao, Kuanchin Chen, Chien-Hua Lin. Capturing industry experience for an effective information security assessment
439 -- 452Linying Dong. Modelling leadership influence on information systems implementation effectiveness

Volume 1, Issue 3

223 -- 240Adam Craike, Prakash J. Singh. Shared services: a conceptual model for adoption, implementation and use
241 -- 261Ashish Agarwal, Ravi Shankar, Purnendu Mandal. Effectiveness of information systems in supply chain performance: a system dynamics study
262 -- 284Maha Shakir, Dennis Viehland. Understanding technochange in ERP implementation through two case studies
285 -- 300Marie-Claude Boudreau. A study in forms of organisational change induced by enterprise resource planning
301 -- 317Casey G. Cegielski, Dianne Hall, Carl M. Rebman. Enterprise resource planning systems implementation success
318 -- 335Sven Abels, Nico Brehm, Axel Hahn, Jorge Marx Gómez. Change management issues in Federated ERP systems: an approach for identifying requirements and possible solutions

Volume 1, Issue 2

115 -- 137James R. Burns, Balaji Janamanchi. Dynamics of change management in a technology project context
138 -- 158Zachary Wong, Milam Aiken. The effects of time on computer-mediated communication group meetings: an exploratory study using an evaluation task
159 -- 176Heng-Li Yang, Cheng-Hwa Lee. Influence of team organisation and forum support for software development team members interactions
177 -- 186Amy Y. Chou. Product development flexibility in a changing business environment
187 -- 201Thawatchai Jitpaiboon, Sema A. Kalaian. Impacts of IS dependency on IS strategy formulation
202 -- 219Antony Paulraj, Injazz J. Chen, Chen H. Chung. The role of information technology in supply chain integration

Volume 1, Issue 1

3 -- 35Wilfred W. Wu, Song-Horng Lin, Yea-Yun Cheng, Cheng-Hwai Liou, Jui-Yuan Wu, Yi-Hua Lin, Frederick H. Wu. Changes in MIS research: status and themes from 1989 to 2000
36 -- 47Chen H. Chung. Decision support systems for change management
48 -- 61John McAvoy, Tom Butler. Resisting the change to user stories: a trip to Abilene
62 -- 81Maria Alaranta. Managing the change process of the post-merger enterprise systems integration: a case study
82 -- 98Shi-Ming Huang, Kenvi Wang, Shing-Han Li, Meng-Cheng Chen. Estimating web services reliability: a semantic approach
99 -- 111Nico Brehm, Jorge Marx Gómez, Claus Rautenstrauch. An ERP solution based on web services and peer-to-peer networks for small and medium enterprises