Journal: IJISCM

Volume 6, Issue 4

293 -- 315Solomon Oluyinka, Alina Shamsuddin, Musibau Akintunde Ajabe, Wallace Imoudu Enegbuma. A study of electronic commerce adoption factors in Nigeria
316 -- 337Guilherme Busch Rocha, Gilberto Tadeu Shinyashiki, Cláudia Souza Passador. People management in a Brazilian public university: conflict within the management model change
338 -- 352Chong Oh. Customer engagement, word-of-mouth and box office: the case of movie tweets
353 -- 373Chi-Min Wu, David C. Chou. Learning stocks as an organisational change mechanism: mediating the relationship between empowering leadership and employees' service performance in Taiwan's hotel industry
374 -- 388P. Prema, Balakrishnan Ramadoss, S. R. Balasundaram. Identification and deletion of duplicate subtrees in classification tree for test case reduction

Volume 6, Issue 3

189 -- 204Raja Mohd Tariqi B. Raja Lope Ahmad, Zalinda Othman, Muriati Mukhtar. Integrating CSF and change management for implementing campus ERP system
205 -- 221Grigoris Giannarakis. Determinants of corporate social responsibility disclosures: the case of the US companies
222 -- 238Bilal Bin Saeed, Wenbin Wang. Organisational diagnoses: a survey of the literature and proposition of a new diagnostic model
239 -- 265Praveen Ranjan Srivastava, Tosif Khan, Yagyavrat Sharma, Ajit Pratap Singh. Ranking of software design alternatives: a fuzzy utility approach
266 -- 290Sreejit Pillai, Alan Arokiam, Rajinderpal Bhatti. Linking simulation, critical success factors and enterprise resource planning in small and medium size enterprises

Volume 6, Issue 2

102 -- 111Larry Allen, Vivek Natarajan, Donald Price. Social and cultural factors as a determinate of ICT expenditures: an empirical study
112 -- 131David M. Bourrie, Chetan S. Sankar, Brannon McDaniel. The impact on ERP implementation by leadership and organisational culture: a case analysis
132 -- 146Maranda E. McBride, Lemuria Carter, Celestine A. Ntuen. The impact of personality on nurses' bias towards automated decision aid acceptance
147 -- 159Emily K. Smith, Joseph A. Cazier, Jerry Fox, Jeremiah M. Kitunda. The effect of child labour in Africa on consumers of the cell phone industry
160 -- 176Purnendu Mandal, Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Kallol Kumar Bagchi, Angappa Gunasekaran. The impact of organisational strategy, culture, people and technology management on organisational practice and performance: an empirical analysis
177 -- 186John Vong, Jeff Fang, Song Insu. Delivering financial services through mobile phone technology: a pilot study on impact of mobile money service on micro-entrepreneurs in rural Cambodia

Volume 6, Issue 1

3 -- 16Chen H. Chung. Analytics for change management
17 -- 37Olabode Olatubosun, K. S. Madhava Rao. Empirical study of the readiness of public servants on the adoption of e-government
38 -- 48Wei-li Wu, Yi-Chih Lee. Factors influencing the behaviour of the online group of Asian purchasers
49 -- 67Heejoong Kim, Seunghyeok Baek, Ichiya Nakamura, Hideki Sunahara. Study on public service model with DTV white space in Korea
68 -- 83Dien D. Phan, Mark B. Schmidt, Lawrence Roth. Natural intelligence applications for business intelligence in online and catalogue retailing firms: a case study
84 -- 97David C. Chou. Building a successful partnership in higher education institutions