Journal: IJISCM

Volume 7, Issue 4

263 -- 285Bilal Afsar, Yuosre F. Badir. The impacts of person-organisation fit and perceived organisational support on innovative work behaviour: the mediating effects of knowledge sharing behaviour
286 -- 307Manhui Huang, Eldon Y. Li, Chi-Sum Wong. A multilevel model of information system success in the user department: integrating job performance theory and field theory
308 -- 337Hamed Jafarzadeh, Ayb√ľke Aurum, John D'Ambra, Amir Hossein Ghapanchi. Analysing search engine advertising research: synthesis of two decades of research
338 -- 352Kapil Dev Singh. Chief information officer's role - addressing agenda beyond role definition

Volume 7, Issue 3

183 -- 202Samer Alhawari. An empirical study on customer retention and customer loyalty
203 -- 223Yuanyuan Guo, Chaoyou Wang. Effects of organisational culture on post-implementation success of ERP systems: a case study
224 -- 241Guido Capaldo, Pierluigi Rippa. Awareness of organisational readiness in ERP implementation process
242 -- 260Zine-Eddine Bouras, Mourad Maouche. Merging software architectures with conflicts detections

Volume 7, Issue 2

95 -- 114Sofiane Batata, Mohamed Amine Mostefai, Mohamed Ahmed-Nacer. A quality-driven framework for the selection of software components and their composition
115 -- 134Yan-Ni Yang, Yue Zhang, Yan-Yu Jiang, Yang Shen. Leveraging new media applications in response to public opinions: the Chinese county governments' performance
135 -- 149Zakaria Hocine, Jian Zhang. Autonomy supportive leadership: a new framework for understanding effective leadership through self-determination theory
150 -- 166Yuri Zelenkov. Components of enterprise IT strategy: decision-making model and efficiency measurement
167 -- 179Lan Ye, Jian Zhang, Zakaria Hocine. Predicting creative performance from general causality orientations

Volume 7, Issue 1

3 -- 22Rajendran Raju, Ranga Rajagopal. Learning as a change agent in ERP enabled organisations - a case analysis
23 -- 42Mohamed Zennouche, Jian Zhang, Bowen Wang. Factors influencing innovation at individual, group and organisational levels: a content analysis
43 -- 69Bilal Bin Saeed, Wenbin Wang, Rui Peng. Diagnosing organisational health: a case study of Pakistani banks
70 -- 91Li-Chih Wang, Chen-Yang Cheng. Development of an integrated demand-supply balancing system for supply chain exception handling