Journal: IJKM

Volume 16, Issue 4

1 -- 25Aakanksha Kataria, Satish Kumar, Nitesh Pandey. A Retrospective Analysis of the International Journal of Knowledge Management
26 -- 41Chandra Sekhar Patro. An Evaluation of Employees' Competence Towards the Development of a Learning Organization
42 -- 62Jong-Chol Jin, Song-Nam Hong, Guang-Son Li, Nam-Ung Kim. The Method of Evaluating Impacts of Knowledge Management on Job Satisfaction and Intellectual Level of Work
63 -- 80Kamla Ali Al-Busaidi. Customer Knowledge Acquisition in Omani Organizations
81 -- 108George Maramba, Hanlie Smuts. Guidelines for Selecting Appropriate Knowledge Management System Implementation Frameworks
109 -- 124Frank Bezzina, David Baldacchino, Vincent Cassar. Relating Knowledge Management Enablers, Knowledge Management Processes, and Organizational Effectiveness: The Case for the Maltese Pharmaceutical Sector

Volume 16, Issue 3

1 -- 16Phocharapol Srisamran, Vichita Vathanophas Ractham. Impact of Knowledge Adoption and Cognitive Learning in the Knowledge Transfer Process
17 -- 32Himyar Ali Al Jabri, Kamla Ali Al-Busaidi. Enriching SME Learning and Innovation Through Inter-Organizational Knowledge Transfer
33 -- 51Saleha Noor, Yi Guo, Syed Hamad Hassan Shah, M. Saqib Nawaz, Atif Saleem Butt. Bibliometric Analysis of Social Media as a Platform for Knowledge Management
52 -- 69Ching Seng Yap, Rizal Ahmad, Farah Waheeda Jalaludin, Nurul Afza Hashim. Managerial Ambidexterity and Firm Performance: The Mediating Role of Knowledge Brokerage
70 -- 88Zeeshan Akbar, Jun Liu, Zahida Latif. Discovering Knowledge by Comparing Silhouettes Using K-Means Clustering for Customer Segmentation
89 -- 111Animesh Agrawal, Hemant Kumar Diwakar, Suraj Kumar Mukti. Employee Productivity and Service Quality Enhancement Using ERP With Knowledge Management: A Study in a Power Distribution Company in the Global Context

Volume 16, Issue 2

1 -- 17Hanna Dreyer, Gerald Robin Bown, Martin George Wynn. Expert Group Knowledge Triggers: When Knowledge Surfaces
18 -- 29Atif Saleem Butt, Syed Hamad Hassan Shah, Saleha Noor, Muhammad Ali. Knowledge Hiding in a Buyer-Supplier Relationship: Present and Future Scope
30 -- 51Eugenia de Matos Pedro, Helena Alves, João Leitão 0002. Assessing the Citations of Articles on Intellectual Capital: What Are the "Influencers"?
52 -- 66Leila Afshari, Ali Hadian Nasab, Geoff Dickson. Organizational Culture, Social Capital, and Knowledge Management: An Integrated Model
67 -- 83Hua Xu, Shuqiang Cheng, Lijun Liu. Personal or Scenarios Factors?: Research on Knowledge Accumulation of Novice Engineers
84 -- 101Mriganka Mohan Chanda, Neelotpaul Banerjee, Gautam Bandyopadhyay. Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) to Improve Agricultural Knowledge Management System (KMS)

Volume 16, Issue 1

1 -- 20Barbara Hewitt, Diane B. Walz, Alexander J. McLeod Jr.. The Effect of Conflict and Knowledge Sharing on the Information Technology Project Team Performance
21 -- 42Mathupayas Thongmak. The Antecedents of Search Performance: Information/ Knowledge Seeking for Task Completion
43 -- 82Animesh Agrawal, Suraj Kumar Mukti. Knowledge Management & It's Origin, Success Factors, Planning, Tools, Applications, Barriers and Enablers: A Review
83 -- 100Deepak Sahoo, Rakesh Chandra Balabantaray. A Hybrid Approach to Retrieve Knowledge from a Document
101 -- 122James Meneghello, Nik Thompson, Kevin Lee, Kok Wai Wong, Bilal Abu Salih. Unlocking Social Media and User Generated Content as a Data Source for Knowledge Management
123 -- 140Ahmed Musa Khan, Mohd Yasir Arafat, Mohd Anas Raushan, Imran Saleem. Examining the Relevance of Intellectual Capital in Improving the Entrepreneurial Propensity Among Indians