Journal: IJKM

Volume 6, Issue 4

1 -- 23Ravi Sharma, Ganesh Chandrasekar, Bharathkumar Vaitheeswaran. A Knowledge Framework for Development: Empirical Investigation of 30 Societies
24 -- 46Wen Su, Xin Li, Chee Chow. Exploring the Extent and Impediments of Knowledge Sharing in Chinese Business Enterprise
47 -- 59Seung Yoon, Alexander Ardichvili. Situated Learning and Activity Theory-based Approach to Designing Integrated Knowledge and Learning Management Systems
60 -- 86Omar E. M. Khalil, Ahmed A. S. Seleim. Culture and Knowledge Transfer Capacity: A Cross-National Study
87 -- 97Kathleen Greenaway, David Vuong. Taking Charities Seriously: A Call for Focused Knowledge Management Research

Volume 6, Issue 3

1 -- 21Subramanian Sivaramakrishnan, Marjorie Delbaere, David Di Zhang, Edward R. Bruning. Critical Success Factors and Outcomes of Market Knowledge Management: A Conceptual Model and Empirical Evidence
22 -- 43Trevor-Smith, Annette Mills, Paul Dion. Linking Business Strategy and Knowledge Management Capabilities for Organizational Effectiveness
44 -- 64Kamla Al-Busaidi. The Impact of Supporting Organizational Knowledge Management through a Corporate Portal on Employees and Business Processes
65 -- 77Magali Ollagnier-Beldame. Foot-Printing E-Learners Activity: A First Step to Help their Appropriation of the Training System?

Volume 6, Issue 2

1 -- 21Donald P. Ballou, Salvatore Belardo, Harold L. Pazer. A Project Staffing Model to Enhance the Effectiveness of Knowledge Transfer in the Requirements Planning Phase for Multi-Project Environments
22 -- 39Hannu Kivijärvi, Kalle Piirainen, Markku Tuominen. Sustaining Organizational Innovativeness: Advancing Knowledge Sharing During the Scenario Process
40 -- 65Pankaj Kamthan. A Viewpoint-Based Approach for Understanding the Morphogenesis of Patterns
66 -- 85Jörg Rech, Christian Bogner. Qualitative Analysis of Semantically Enabled Knowledge Management Systems in Agile Software Engineering

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 22Yang Lin, Kimiz Dalkir. Factors Affecting KM Implementation in the Chinese Community
23 -- 43Lena Aggestam, Per Backlund, Anne Persson. Supporting Knowledge Evaluation to Increase Quality in Electronic Knowledge Repositories
44 -- 61Amine Nehari-Talet, Samer Al Hawari, Haroun Alryalat. The Outcome of Knowledge Process for Customer of Jordanian Companies on the Achievement of Customer Knowledge Retention
62 -- 78Chalard Chantarasombat, Boonchom Srisa-ard, Matthew H. S. Kuofie, Murray E. Jennex. Using Knowledge Management to Create Self-Reliant Communities in Thailand