Journal: I. J. Law and Information Technology

Volume 9, Issue 3

187 -- 188Emily M. Weitzenboeck. Introduction to the Special Issue on Electronic Agents
189 -- 203Sonia Gonzalo. A Business Outlook regarding Electronic Agents
204 -- 234Emily M. Weitzenboeck. Electronic Agents and the Formation of Contracts
235 -- 248Silvia Feliu. Intelligent Agents and Consumer Protection
249 -- 274Joakim S. T. ├śren. Electronic Agents and the Notion of Establishment
275 -- 294Lee A. Bygrave. Electronic Agents and Privacy: A Cyberspace Odyssey 2001
295 -- 326Henning Grosse Ruse. Electronic Agents and the Legal Protection of Non-creative Databases
327 -- 343Alexandre Cruquenaire. Electronic Agents as Search Engines: Copyright related aspects