Journal: I. J. Law and Information Technology

Volume 22, Issue 4

311 -- 333Louise Longdin, Ian Eagles, Pheh Hoon Lim. Sale versus licence offline and online: can competition law bridge the doctrinal gap?
334 -- 366Katarzyna Gracz, Primavera De Filippi. Regulatory failure of copyright law through the lenses of autopoietic systems theory
367 -- 392Chen Wei Zhu. droit moral detached from software copyright? - the undeath of the 'author' in free and open source software licensing

Volume 22, Issue 3

215 -- 253Nancy J. King, Pernille W. Jessen. Smart metering systems and data sharing: why getting a smart meter should also mean getting strong information privacy controls to manage data sharing
254 -- 294Ellen Wauters, Eva Lievens, Peggy Valcke. Towards a better protection of social media users: a legal perspective on the terms of use of social networking sites
295 -- 310Niels Vandezande. Between Bitcoins and mobile payments: will the European Commission's new proposal provide more legal certainty?

Volume 22, Issue 2

75 -- 106Althaf Marsoof. Online service providers and third party trademark infringement: an Australian perspective
107 -- 140Damien McCallig. Facebook after death: an evolving policy in a social network
141 -- 177Gehan Gunasekara. Paddling in unison or just paddling? International trends in reforming information privacy law
178 -- 207Caitlin Cottrill, Piyushimita Thakuriah. Privacy in context: an evaluation of policy-based approaches to location privacy protection
208 -- 214Mira Burri. Regulating Code: Good Governance and Better Regulation in the Information Age, by Ian Brown and Christopher T. Marsden

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 2Lee A. Bygrave. Guest Editorial
3 -- 26Kevin McGillivray. Give it away now? Renewal of the IANA functions contract and its role in internet governance
27 -- 48Tobias Mahler. A gTLD right? Conceptual challenges in the expanding internet domain namespace
49 -- 73Emily M. Weitzenboeck. Hybrid net: the regulatory framework of ICANN and the DNS