Journal: I. J. Law and Information Technology

Volume 9, Issue 3

187 -- 188Emily M. Weitzenboeck. Introduction to the Special Issue on Electronic Agents
189 -- 203Sonia Gonzalo. A Business Outlook regarding Electronic Agents
204 -- 234Emily M. Weitzenboeck. Electronic Agents and the Formation of Contracts
235 -- 248Silvia Feliu. Intelligent Agents and Consumer Protection
249 -- 274Joakim S. T. ├śren. Electronic Agents and the Notion of Establishment
275 -- 294Lee A. Bygrave. Electronic Agents and Privacy: A Cyberspace Odyssey 2001
295 -- 326Henning Grosse Ruse. Electronic Agents and the Legal Protection of Non-creative Databases
327 -- 343Alexandre Cruquenaire. Electronic Agents as Search Engines: Copyright related aspects

Volume 9, Issue 2

93 -- 114Samtani Anil. Electronic Commerce in Asia: The Legal, Regulatory and Policy Issues
115 -- 132John W. Raine. Modernising Courts and Tribunals through ICTs - Lessons from The London Parking Appeals Service
133 -- 170Farooq Ahmad. Electronic Commerce: An Indian Perspective
171 -- 185Rolf H. Weber. Does Intellectual Property Become Unimportant in Cyberspace?

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 20James Catchpole. The Regulation of Electronic Commerce: A Comparative Analysis of the Issues Surrounding the Principles of Establishment
21 -- 38Tom Burns. Implications of Information Technology on Corporate Governance
39 -- 64Vagelis Papakonstantinou. A Data Protection Approach to Data Matching Operations Among Public Bodies
65 -- 86Jacqueline D. Lipton. Security Interests in Electronic Databases
87 -- 88John Dickie. Book Review. Internet Law: Text and Materials Chris Reed
88 -- 90Charlotte Waelde. Book Review. Intellectual Property and Information Law Essays in Honour of Herman Cohen Jehoram (Kluwer Information Law Series, 1998) Jan J C Kabel and Gerard JHM Mom
90 -- 91Nikos Th. Nikolinakos. Book Review. Telecommunications: The EU Law