Journal: IJMDEM

Volume 5, Issue 2

1 -- 17Shiho Kitajima, Rafal Rzepka, Kenji Araki. Blog Snippets Based Drug Effects Extraction System Using Lexical and Grammatical Restrictions
18 -- 40Andrey Smorkalov, Mikhail Fominykh, Mikhail Morozov. Collaborative Work and Learning with Large Amount of Graphical Content in a 3D Virtual World Using Texture Generation Model Built on Stream Processors
41 -- 53Javier Iparraguirre, Claudio A. Delrieux. Online Video Summarization Based on Local Features
54 -- 69Ching-Hua Chuan, Aleksey Charapko. Predicting Key Recognition Difficulty in Music Using Statistical Learning Techniques