Journal: IJMDEM

Volume 12, Issue 4

1 -- 19Lei Zheng, Zhiqiang Jia, Hui Guan, Liang Ma, Karthik Chandran, K. Deepa Thilak. Task Modelling of Sports Events for Personalized Video Streaming Data in Augmentative and Alternative Communication
20 -- 37Yuhao Chen, Shi-Jun Luo, Hyoil Han, Jun Miyazaki, Alfrin Letus Saldanha. Generating Personalized Explanations for Recommender Systems Using a Knowledge Base
38 -- 51Min Chen, Hao Wu. Landmark Dataset Development and Recognition
52 -- 71Rim Chiha, Mounir Ben Ayed, CĂ©lia da Costa Pereira. A New Neural Networks-Based Integrated Model for Aspect Extraction and Sentiment Classification

Volume 12, Issue 3

1 -- 15Haoxuan Li, Zheng Wang. Universal Sparse Adversarial Attack on Video Recognition Models
16 -- 38Vania Vieira Estrela, Maria Aparecida de Jesus, Jenice Aroma, Kumudha Raimond, Sandro R. Fernandes, Nikolaos Andreopoulos, Edwiges G. H. Grata, Andrey Terziev, Ricardo Tadeu Lopes, Anand Deshpande. Motion Estimation Role in the Context of 3D Video
39 -- 57Lingchao Kong, Ademola Ayodeji Ikusan, Rui Dai, Dara Ros. An Image Quality Adjustment Framework for Object Detection on Embedded Cameras
58 -- 73Olutayo Kehinde Boyinbode, Kehinde Casey Amodu, Olumide Obe. An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System-Based Ubiquitous Learning System to Support Learners With Disabilities

Volume 12, Issue 2

1 -- 18Jing Chen, Haifeng Li, Lin Ma, Hongjian Bo. Improving Emotion Analysis for Speech-Induced EEGs Through EEMD-HHT-Based Feature Extraction and Electrode Selection
19 -- 30Hui Liu, Wei Wang, Chuang Wen Wang. A Novel Research in Low Altitude Acoustic Target Recognition Based on HMM
31 -- 56Wei Wang, Hui Liu, Wangqun Lin. Adaptive Multi-Agent Control Strategy in Heterogeneous Countermeasure Environments
57 -- 71Amine Rahmani. A Hyperbolic Arnold's Cat Map-Based System for Multimedia Data Encryption

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 16Yi Qin, Huayu Zhang, Yuni Wang, Mei Mao, Fuguo Chen. 3D Music Impact on Autonomic Nervous System Response and Its Potential Mechanism
17 -- 32Lijuan Duan, Xiao Xu, Qing En. Multimodal Dance Generation Networks Based on Audio-Visual Analysis
33 -- 48Riju Bhattacharya, Naresh Kumar Nagwani, Sarsij Tripathi. A Comparative Study of Graph Kernels and Clustering Algorithms
49 -- 64Gavindya Jayawardena, Sampath Jayarathna. Automated Filtering of Eye Movements Using Dynamic AOI in Multiple Granularity Levels