Journal: IJMDEM

Volume 4, Issue 4

1 -- 14Zhibing Xie, Ling Guan. Multimodal Information Fusion of Audiovisual Emotion Recognition Using Novel Information Theoretic Tools
15 -- 34Xiaojun Qi, Ran Chang. A Scalable Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Ranking System for Content-Based Image Retrieval
35 -- 57Yi-Shin Chen, Leng-Wee Toh, Yi-Lan Liu. Music Control in an Interactive Conducting System Using Kinect
58 -- 70Mohammed Eltaher, JeongKyu Lee. Social User Mining: Survey on Mining Different Types of Social Media Data

Volume 4, Issue 3

1 -- 23Wei-bang Chen, Chengcui Zhang. An Innovative Multiple-Object Image Retrieval Framework Using Hierarchical Region Tree
24 -- 41Ali Cevahir, Junji Torii. High Performance Online Image Search with GPUs on Large Image Databases
42 -- 60Chengcui Zhang. A Survey of Visual Traffic Surveillance Using Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Mining

Volume 4, Issue 2

1 -- 12David Edmundson, Gerald Schaefer. JIRL: A C++ Toolkit for JPEG Compressed Domain Image Retrieval
13 -- 45Chao Chen, Tao Meng, Lin Lin. A Web-Based Multimedia Retrieval System with MCA-Based Filtering and Subspace-Based Learning Algorithms
46 -- 64Hsin-Yu Ha, Fausto Fleites, Shu-Ching Chen. Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval Using Feature Correlation Clustering and Fusion

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 20Ching-Hua Chuan. Audio Classification and Retrieval Using Wavelets and Gaussian Mixture Models
21 -- 45Kabil Jaballah, Mohamed Jemni. A Review on 3D Signing Avatars: Benefits, Uses and Challenges
46 -- 67Lin Lin, Mei-Ling Shyu, Shu-Ching Chen. Rule-Based Semantic Concept Classification from Large-Scale Video Collections