Journal: IJMDEM

Volume 8, Issue 4

1 -- 18Xinyao Sun, Anup Basu, Irene Cheng. Multi-Sensor Motion Fusion Using Deep Neural Network Learning
19 -- 43Abul Hasnat, Santanu Halder, Debotosh Bhattacharjee, Mita Nasipuri. A Novel Approach for Colorization of a Grayscale Image using Soft Computing Techniques
44 -- 59Martin Pichl, Eva Zangerle, Günther Specht. Understanding User-Curated Playlists on Spotify: A Machine Learning Approach
60 -- 73Ramakrishnan Mukundan. Contour Based High Resolution 3D Mesh Construction Using HRCT and MRI Stacks

Volume 8, Issue 3

1 -- 20Ruichi Yu, Jui-Hsin Lai, Shun-Xuan Wang, Ching-Yung Lin. Brain Neuron Network Extraction and Analysis of Live Mice from Imaging Videos
21 -- 41Fu-Hai Frank Wu. Applying Machine Learning in Optical Music Recognition of Numbered Music Notation
42 -- 54Sugandha Agarwal, O. P. Singh, Deepak Nagaria, Anil Kumar Tiwari, Shikha Singh. Image Quality Improvement Using Shift Variant and Shift Invariant Based Wavelet Transform Methods: A Novel Approach
55 -- 96Asma Saighi, Roose Philippe, Nassira Ghoualmi, Sébastien Laborie, Zakaria Laboudi. HaMA: A Handicap-based Architecture for Multimedia Document Adaptation

Volume 8, Issue 2

1 -- 9Choudhary Shyam Prakash, Sushila Maheshkar. Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using DyWT
10 -- 21Vivek Jain, Navneet Agrawal. Implement Multichannel Fractional Sample Rate Convertor using Genetic Algorithm
22 -- 32Chandra Subhash, Maheshkar Sushila. Static Signature Verification Based on Texture Analysis Using Support Vector Machine
33 -- 42Amit Chaurasia, Vivek Kumar Sehgal. Performance of Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Synthetic Traffic on Networks-on-Chip
43 -- 49Umesh Kumar, Neha Gopaliya, Uma Sharma, Sandeep Gupta. Discrete Transform Based Image Fusion: A Review
50 -- 64Amit Kumar Gupta, Narendra Singh Yadav, Dinesh Goyal. Design and Performance Evaluation of Smart Job First Multilevel Feedback Queue (SJFMLFQ) Scheduling Algorithm with Dynamic Smart Time Quantum

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 20Yilin Yan, Min Chen, Saad Sadiq, Mei-Ling Shyu. Efficient Imbalanced Multimedia Concept Retrieval by Deep Learning on Spark Clusters
21 -- 41Farida Bettou, Mahmoud Boufaïda. An Adaptation Architecture Dedicated to Personalized Management of Multimedia Documents
42 -- 71Dimitris N. Kanellopoulos. QoS Routing for Multimedia Communication over Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: A Survey