Journal: IJMHCI

Volume 1, Issue 4

4 -- 23Eija Kaasinen, Virpi Roto, Kristin Roloff, Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, Teija Vainio. User Experience of Mobile Internet: Analysis and Recommendations
24 -- 41Carol A. Taylor, Nancy Samuels, Judith Ramey. Always On: A Framework for Understanding Personal Mobile Web Motivations, Behaviors, and Contexts of Use
42 -- 57Elina Vartiainen. Improving the User Experience of a Mobile Photo Gallery by Supporting Social Interaction
58 -- 79Minna Isomursu, Mari Ervasti. Touch-Based Access to Mobile Internet: User Experience Findings

Volume 1, Issue 3

1 -- 8Russell Beale. What does Mobile Mean?
9 -- 17Antti Pirhonen, Elizabeth Sillence. Getting Connected: At What Cost? Some Ethical Issues in Mobile HCI
18 -- 28Roderick Murray-Smith. Empowering People Rather Than Connecting Them
29 -- 45Anne Kaikkonen. Mobile Internet: Past, Present, and the Future
46 -- 60Gitte Lindgaard, Sheila Narasimhan. Mobile HCI: Thinking Beyond the Screen-Keyboard-Mouse Interaction Paradigm
61 -- 74Janet C. Read. Designing Mobile Phones for Children - Is there a Difference?
75 -- 85Gary E. Burnett. SatNav or SatNag? A Case Study Analysis of Evolving HCI Issues for In-Car Computing
86 -- 93Mark D. Dunlop, Mark Baillie. Paper Rejected (p>0.05): An Introduction to the Debate on Appropriateness of Null-Hypothesis Testing

Volume 1, Issue 2

1 -- 21Jörg Müller, Keith Cheverst, Dan Fitton, Nick Taylor 0002, Oliver Paczkowski, Antonio Krüger. Experiences of Supporting Local and Remote Mobile Phone Interaction in Situated Public Display Deployments
22 -- 36Anthony P. Glascock, David M. Kutzik. Embrace the Chaos, It s Not Noise: Lessons Learned from Non-Traditional Environments
37 -- 55Scott Sherwood, Stuart Reeves, Julie Maitland, Alistair Morrison, Matthew Chalmers. Adapting Evaluation to Study Behaviour in Context
56 -- 71Francis Jambon. User Evaluation of Mobile Devices: In-Situ versus Laboratory Experiments

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 19Andrew Crossan, Roderick Murray-Smith, Stephen A. Brewster, Bojan Musizza. Instrumented Usability Analysis for Mobile Devices
20 -- 41Enrico Bertini, Tiziana Catarci, Alan J. Dix, Silvia Gabrielli, Stephen Kimani, Giuseppe Santucci. Appropriating Heuristic Evaluation for Mobile Computing
42 -- 59Mark D. Dunlop, Michelle Montgomery Masters. Pickup Usability Dominates: A Brief History of Mobile Text Entry Research and Adoption
60 -- 78Gary E. Burnett. On-the-Move and in Your Car: An Overview of HCI Issues for In-Car Computing
79 -- 97Eija Kaasinen. User Acceptance of Mobile Services