Journal: IJMHCI

Volume 7, Issue 4

1 -- 15Séamus McLoone, Rudi Villing, Simon O'Keeffe. Using Mobile Touch Devices to Provide Flexible Classroom Assessment Techniques
16 -- 34Karim Said, Ravi Kuber, Emma Murphy. AudioAuth: Exploring the Design and Usability of a Sound-Based Authentication System
35 -- 52Edel Jennings, Mark Roddy, Alexander J. Leckey, Guy Feigenblat. Use of Scripted Role-Play in Evaluation of Multiple-User Multiple-Service Mobile Social and Pervasive Systems
53 -- 75Liam O'Sullivan, Lorenzo Picinali, Andrea Gerino, Douglas Cawthorne. A Prototype Audio-Tactile Map System with an Advanced Auditory Display
76 -- 90Paulina Piasek, Kate Irving, Alan F. Smeaton. Exploring Boundaries to the Benefits of Lifelogging for Identity Maintenance for People with Dementia

Volume 7, Issue 3

1 -- 19Huiyuan Zhou, Vinicius Ferreira, Thamara Alves, Bonnie MacKay, Kirstie Hawkey, Derek F. Reilly. Exploring Privacy Notification and Control Mechanisms for Proximity-Aware Tablets
20 -- 41Asta Roseway, Yuliya Lutchyn, Paul Johns, Elizabeth D. Mynatt, Mary Czerwinski. BioCrystal: An Ambient Tool for Emotion and Communication
42 -- 54Corey Brian Jackson, Yun Huang, Abby S. Kasowitz-Scheer. Face-to-Face Matters: Inspirations from the Human Library
55 -- 66Glen Farrelly. Which Way is Up?: How Locative Media May Enhance Sense of Place
67 -- 77Emily I. M. Collins, Anna Louise Cox, Ruby Wootton. Out of Work, Out of Mind?: Smartphone Use and Work-Life Boundaries
78 -- 92Lilit Hakobyan, Jo Lumsden, Dympna O'Sullivan. Participatory Design: How to Engage Older Adults in Participatory Design Activities
93 -- 101Genovefa Kefalidou, Victoria Shipp, James Pinchin, Alan Dix. Enhancing Self-Reflection with Wearable Sensors Workshop: A Commentary on the ACM MobileHCI 2014 Workshop

Volume 7, Issue 2

1 -- 22Kyungsik Han, Patrick C. Shih, Victoria Bellotti, John M. Carroll. It's Time There Was an App for That Too: A Usability Study of Mobile Timebanking
23 -- 42Sumayyah Hassan Alfaresi, Kate Hone. The Intention to Use Mobile Digital Library Technology: A Focus Group Study in the United Arab Emirates
43 -- 64Katrin Wolf 0001, Markus Schneider, John Mercouris, Christopher-Eyk Hrabia. Biomechanics of Front and Back-of-Tablet Pointing with Grasping Hands

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 24Chin-Lung Hsu, Judy Chuan-Chuan Lin. An Empirical Study of Smartphone User Behavior: The Effect of Innovation Characteristics, Brand Equity and Social Influence
25 -- 41Joakim Koskela, Kristiina Karvonen, Theofanis Kilinkaridis. Usable and Secure P2P VoIP for Mobile Use
42 -- 58Trevor Collins. Enhancing Outdoor Learning Through Participatory Design and Development: A Case Study of Embedding Mobile Learning at a Field Study Centre
59 -- 78Elizabeth FitzGerald, Anne Adams. Revolutionary and Evolutionary Technology Design Processes in Location-Based Interactions